Escape from Tarkov Gear [MP Freemode]

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Some Escape from Tarkov stuff for the MP character.

Currently featured:




- 5.11 Tactec Platecarrier

- 6B13 Assault Armor

- 6B13 M Assault Armor

- 6B23 Armor

- Ars Arma A18 Skanda Platecarrier

- BNTI Kirasa-N Armor

- Crye Precision AVS Platecarrier

- Highcom Trooper TFO Armor

- MF-UNTAR Armor

- Module 3M Armor

- Paca Soft Armor

- Wartech TV-110 Platecarrier




- ANA Tactical Beta 2 Backpack

- Camelbak TriZip Backpack

- Flyye MBSS Backpack

- Pilgrim Tourist Backpack

- Scav Backpack

- SSO ,,Attack 2'' Raid Backpack

- VKBO Army Backpack




- BEAR Boots


Chest Rigs:


- ANA Tactical M2 Armored Chest Rig

- Blackhawk! Commando Chest Rig

- BlackRock Chest Rig




- 6B34 Anti-Fragmentation Googles

- Anti-Fragmentation Googles

- RayBench Hipster Sunglasses

- Tactical Glasses




- USEC Base Gloves (Oakley Factory)




- GSSh-01 Active Headset

- MSA Sordin Supreme PRO-XL Headset

- Peltor ComTac 2 Headset




- 6B47 Ratnik-BSh Camo Helmet

- 6B47 Ratnik-BSh Helmet

- Altyn Helmet

- Army Cap

- Bandana

- BEAR Baseball Cap

- Cowboy Hat

- Crye Precision Airframe Helmet

- Green Shemagh

- Highcom Striker ACHHC Helmet

- Highcom Striker ULACH Helmet

- Kiver-M Helmet

- Kolpak-1S Riot Helmet

- LZSh Light Helmet

- Maska 1Sch Helmet

- Miltec Panama Hat

- Momex Balaclava

- Ops-Core Fast MT Helmet

- Ski Hat

- SSh-68 Helmet

- Tactical Fleece Beanie

- UNTAR Helmet

- USEC Baseball Cap

- Ushanka ear-flap

- UX Pro Beanie

- ZSh-1-2M Helmet




- BEAR Pants




- Analog Watch

- Digital Watch

An Installation ReadMe is provided inside the .rar file.

Big thanks to death7991 for helping me with some technical stuff and jimfantry/Cooper for letting me use a few of his in-game screenshots.

Credit goes to Battlestate Games for their models and textures.


- some clothing pieces have several different textures

- the headsets can be combined with some of the helmets

- armor vests, chest rigs and backpacks can all be worn at once

- highly detailed watches

- custom gloves (not just a retexture of the vanilla ones)


- the skinning isn't too great on some clothes, since I started to learn skinning a few days ago, but I'll work on improving it, so please bear with me :)




- Initial release


- renamed some folders

- added new helmets

- added new glasses

- added BEAR pants

- added BEAR boots

- added new armor

- added new backpacks

- fixed some headwear positions

- updated the installation ReadMe

- rescaled the TriZip and Scav backpacks



Q: Why are you using the "Fallout 4" name?

A: I'm simply using it to keep with the same naming scheme as the original mod.


Q: Why are you adding more items to the game?

A: Because I'm not satisfied with the amount of clothing that's in Fallout 4 and I want to fill some of those holes. Also, because it's fun.


Q: What is this mod compatible with?

A: Anything that doesn't alter the base game files should be compatible, although some mods may remove some of my content, so if you encounter any problems, try disabling those mods first.



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is it possible to make it for the singleplayer charakters like fraklin?