Lost MC and Angels of Death biker vests

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Lost MC and Angels of Death biker vests adds lore friendly vests for two motorcycle clubs, being the Lost MC and the Angels of Death. The mod contains 2 models, one with 3 patches, and one with 2 patches and a flag. Both models are found under hands/parachutes 21/23.

Installation instructions are in the readme.txt in the zip folder.

These vests were previously seperate mods. I have removed the pages for both of them, and combined them into one.

Changelog from the previous version(s):

- Updated models, both are now ported by Nachtfliege/Nacho

- New alternate model from the Clay Simons ped with a flag patch

- Overhauled texture, improved quality on the back patch of the Lost MC vest

- Fixed overly compressed textures

- Updated the base vest model, texture is now much higher quality with the use of AI texture upscaling

Planned future content:

- Several minor clothing items changed to fit with the vest

- Overhauled Angels of Death textures

- A third gang based on the unnamed club from GTA: San Andreas


- Use in FiveM, AltV, RageMP and other similar platforms is permitted as long as proper credit is given to the authors.

- Do not reupload any files used in this mod anywhere without permission from all authors.


Rockstar Games: Original models

Nachtfliege/Nacho: Porting vest models from peds

Physics lesson, fuckball, do you know how motorcycles work? Centrifugal Inertia. Meaning, the quicker your wheels go, the more stable you are. The faster we go, the harder we hit it, the more us brothers pull together.

~Billy Grey, chapter president, 2008.

Milo: Textures

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May · 06:57 25/01/2022
It is an amazing work, but sadly only for men!

Can u pls design one for females? That would be absolutly amazing! I'm always being left out :(

Greetings, May