Stylized Bowl Cut for MP Male

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Stylized Bowl Cut for MP Male (version 1.0)

Use hair decals (menyoo) for best results. Any mod requests let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram @noticememods!

Inside the folder:

- Hair and texture

- 4k screenshot

- Installation instructions

Credits: Puppy by magpiesan





Q: What is this for?

A: If you're a male character and want to have a bowl cut, then you can use this hairstyle. Also, it's a good transition from the bangs I made for my male characters.


Q: How do I install this?

A: Just open the folder and drag the "Stylized Bowl Cut" hair file into your Skyrim/Data folder.


Q: Can I use this on a female character?

A: Yes, you can. The only difference is that the hairs are for males, but there are no actual male hairs in the file. So you'll have to make your own.


Q: Why do you need my permission to use my hair?

A: I don't, but if you want me to remove it or change it in any way, let me know and I will.




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