Fiat Panda 2004

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non e' possibile fare dei reskin, e tanto meno non e' consentito prendere parti o skin dai miei caricamenti senza la mia autorizzazione. Per informazioni contattami in privato.

Veicolo originale:


Percorso d'installazione: Mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks / patchday19ng / dlc / x64 / Levels / Gta5 / Vehicles.rpf

Convertito da gta 4

Modello originale gta4: Busters


Sostituire i file. e' consigliato creare una cartella mod tramite il programma OpenIV .

Per dubbi o problemi contattatemi, vi rispondero' il piu' presto possibile.



it is not possible to make reskins, and even less it is not allowed to take parts or skins from my uploads without my authorization. For information contact me privately.

Original vehicle:

Installation path: Mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks / patchday19ng / dlc / x64 / Levels / Gta5 / Vehicles.rpf


Replace files. It is recommended to create a mod folder through the OpenIV program.

For doubts or problems contact me, I will reply as soon as possible.

Converted from gta 4

Original model by: Busters




1) How do I install this?

OpenIV copy the files from the archive in OpenIV drag and drop them into your GTA5 directory. If you want to install on a different location, change the path in the file "update.rpf" (it's in the root of your game).


2) Why does this version have a higher polygon count than others?

Because it's a reskin! A reskin is impossible without increasing polygon count. Due to this reason I also added new textures, so you can see how it looks like with all its details intact. As an alternative you can always download an older version which was converted from GTA 4: It has all the good stuff in it but with a lower polygon count (and no new textures). Alternatively you can use an older version of my skin:'EMUPIECATO-ITALIANO-VERSIONE+ITA+.rar The only difference is that this version

has a higher polygon count, but that's because it was converted from GTA 4.


3) How is the polygon count?

This is the polygon count of the skin after converting from GTA 4:'EMUPIECATO-ITALIANO-VERSIONE+ITA+.rar





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Kris · 02:42 06/08/2022
Ciao! Ho problemi con l’installazione potresti gentilmente aiutarmi?

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