Realistic Weapons Sounds [SP & FiveM support]

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Take into account the following:

-The version of the game is the latest version of Steam and the game only has this mod working. If you have any errors, it may be due to a conflict with another installed mod.

-There are 3 versions of the mod in the 7z File:

RSE4.6 (Sound_Only).oiv -> This version only installs the sounds without any meta files that modify the gameplay. It is a version compatible with other mods. If you have version 4.5 installed, install this version as an update.

RSE4.6_AK47_Sound2.oiv ->This version installs the full mod with an alternate sound for the Assault Rifle (Ak47). This Ak47 sound setting has no sound for the silenced version.

RSE4.6_AK47_Default.oiv -> This is the default version of the mod.

RSE4.6_FIVEM_VERSION.7Z -> For Fivem: RESIDENT.rpf and WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf files.

*RSE4.6 (Peyico_Update).oiv -> Peyico and Heist 3 Gun Sounds update. This is an update for version 4.6 that completes the remaining weapons. Requires installing version 4.6.


4.6.1 (12-27-2020)*

New sounds and muzzle flash for the Peyico update weapons

New sounds and muzzle flash for the ceramic pistol and the Navy revolver

Improved explosions sounds

4.6 (12-24-2020)

Third person shotgun firing bug fixed

Some distant sounds improved

Fivem Support*

4.5 (11-22-2020)

Improvements for sounds in version 4.4 and new sounds por Ak47, M4, SMGs, LMGs and Sniper Rifles

New sounds for the grenade launcher and minigun.

New Realistic Distant sounds for Pistols and Shotguns.

4.4 (11-01-2020) *Heat Update*

Total reconstruction of sounds based on version 4.X and Heat Movie Weapons Sounds.

Full rebuild of weapon reload sounds.

Fixed bugs

Mixed sounds of first person, third person and distant shots from HEAT movie.

5.2 (09-22-2020)

New sounds for all weapons (Reverb reajust)

Bugs fixed

New distant sounds

5.1 (05-20-2020)

Echo gun shoot fixed (Realistic Echo gun sound added).

Deagle .50 volume fixed

New Distant gun sound added

5.0 (05-17-2020)

Sounds based on the game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

General reconstruction of all sounds

Added realistic Flash and Muzzle

Improve gameplay

4.3 (19-04-2019)

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Improvement with louder sounds for pistols, smgs, assault rifles, shotguns and snipers rifles.

Improved sounds for distant (mid and far) sounds

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

Visible Bullets

Bullet crack supersonic

4.2 (30-12-2018)

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Improved sounds for pistols, Double Revolver, shotguns and snipers rifles

Improved sounds for distant (mid and far) sounds

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

Visible Bullets

AK47 Sound 2 With Silenced Sound option added:

RSE_4.2_REALISTIC.oiv (AK47 Sound 1 Without Silenced Sound)

RSE_4.2_REALISTIC_AK_SOUND2.oiv (AK47 Sound 2 With Silenced Sound)

4.1 (09-16-2018) STABLE/FINAL VERSION

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Rework of Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Compact Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Micro SMG and Pistol .50.

Improved sounds for distant (mid and far) sounds

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

Sound of the Heavy Sniper Rifle corrected. Stereo Sound.

WEAPON FX V1.2.1 added

4.0 (08-31-2018)

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Rework of pistol sounds, lmgs, Minigun, Vehicles weapons and Sniper rifles

Rework for distant (mid and far) sounds

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

LOUDER WEAPON FOLEY V1 (by XYZ_Gaming) added

WEAPON FX V1.1 (by TheMonotoneScone) added

New corrected .meta files (all bugs have been fixed)

3.7 (08-12-2018)

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Rework of shotgun sounds, smgs, machine guns, assault rifles, silenced shotguns and other sounds.

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

New Sound for TASER (STUN GUN)


3.6 (07-11-2018) "HEAT MOVIE UPDATE"

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Sounds of medium and long distance shots (pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, snipers rifles and machine guns) extracted from HEAT film. Now GTA V will have shootings equal to those of the movie.

Improvements in general.

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

New Sounds For Echo gun shots


Sniper 3P View Weapons.meta included


3.5 (01-29-2018)

Improvements only for REALISTIC VERSION

Improved Sound for the AssaultRifle

Realistic sounds for Distant Shots of Pistols, Shotguns and Rifles. Greater immersion.

New sound for Minigun

Readjust volume, loud sounds and low sounds.

Improvements in general.

3.4 (12-25-2017)

New realistic sound for Micro SMG

New realistic sound for Heavy Revolver

New realistic sound for Silenced Pistols

Improvements in general.

3.3 (12-10-2017)

Improvements for REALISTIC version (New sounds for Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Shotguns, pistols, Sniper Rifles etc). New Sounds for distant shoots and bullets sounds.

Improvements in general. Added more bass sounds.

3.2.1 (11-18-2017)

Support for OIV Realistic Revolver Sound Mod

Fixed file names

3.2 (11-16-2017)

Improvements for REALISTIC version (New Sounds for some weapons). New Sounds for distant shoots.

More smoke for the gun barrel.

Support for Fine-Tuned Felony & Response v2.4 (EXTRA-OPTIONAL Folder***)

Support for Ripplers Realism v3.1 Lite for FTFR (EXTRA-OPTIONAL Folder***)

3.1 (11-09-2017)

Improvements in general (REALISTIC and STANDARD). New sounds for Distants shootouts.

Realislic Sound for Stungun (Taser) Support

Realislic Sound for Revolver Support

3.0 (10-02-2017)

Improvements in general (REALISTIC and STANDARD). New sounds for Snipers and Assault Rifle (REALISTIC).

New and improved explosion sounds

New gun reload sounds

2.1 (09-30-2017)

Improvements in general for REALISTIC version. New sounds.

Sounds of explosions in work. Update for REALISTIC version only.

2.0 (08-04-2017)

***Added realistic sounds obtained from shots extracted from a realistic sound package*.

Improvements in general.

1.1 (07-29-2017)

Improvements and volume balance. Distant sound enhancements for greater immersion. Improvements in general.

1.0 (07-23-2017)

Initial reléase. All the sounds of the weapons have been changed

Improvements in pistol .50 sound, bullet impacts and distant sound echo.

First completed version subject to change.

0.9 (07-22-2017)

Initial reléase. Beta versión.

Sounds of 3 guns do not work correctly


Hi. I had the idea of collecting more realistic sounds for weapons. My goal is to secure the shootings of the game to those of the real life to get a greater immersion during the shootouts in Los Santos. I've extracted sounds from gunshots from games like Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 and real weapons sound plus I've extracted sounds from distant shots of movies like Heat (1995).

The objective of my mod is to obtain the sound immersion of the scene of the robbery of the bank and shootout with the LA police that appears in the film Heat (1995). I attach the video of this scene which is a work of art of the cinema

Also, I wanted to improve the sounds of explosions to deliver an experience similar to an urban combat.


-Best Realistic Shooting Sounds in First Person

-New sounds for explosions.

-More realistic sounds of bullet impacts

-Improved sound from distance shots

-Real Weapons Sounds

-New sounds for weapon reloadings


-New sounds for vehicles, impacts and other sounds.


RDE 3.0.1:

NaturalV Remastered:

Ambient FX:

Improved Spotlight and LED:


***There are 2 versions:

-RSE5.2: Normal installation

-RSE5.2 (Sound_Only): Mod compatibility, Sound only, no meta files

-OIV Package Installation

-Run OpenIV > Tools > Package Installer

-Install On Mods Folder Option

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