StarWars LightSaber Script

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Star Wars LightSaber Script V1

The Force is strong with this mod.

Go to battle with your favorite lightsaber.


  • Ignite effect
  • Throw lightsaber at target
  • Use the force to do a special kick move
  • Guided target and melee system
  • Flip jumps
  • Custom sounds
  • Spark effect on impact

🔸Supported LightSabers: ( Download )

  • Dagger - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Blue lightsaber)
  • Knife - Luke Skywalker (Green lightsaber)
  • Machette - Darth Vader (Red lightsaber)
  • Hatchet - Kylo Ren (Red lightsaber)

To use the lightsaber and the powers, u must have your dagger, knife, hatchet or machette out.


  • Ignite LightSaber - Right Mouse Button (RB on controller)
  • The Force Kick - Q key
  • Throw LightSaber - E key

You can change the hotkeys in LightSaberScript.ini

(Reference: 🔗 Hotkeys)


  • SaberSounds
  • LightSabers.asi
  • LightSaberScript.ini
  • results.meta

🔸Installation Script:

  • Place "LightSabers.asi", "LightSaberScript.ini" and "SaberSounds" inside the main directory of your GTA folder.

Install results.meta if you only want lightsaber animations and no kick animations while melee.

* Place the results.meta files inside mods\update\update.rpf/common/data/action.





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