1999 Ford Lightning Drag [Replace | FiveM]

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1999 Ford Lightning Drag Build


All download instruction's are inside of the attached read me for GTAV and FiveM


I built this pretty fast just for fun, I did not like how it turned out very much so there will be some new updates to the car depending on the feedback I get. Its a 01 Ford lighting with a super charged for performance motor pushing about 760 horse power on drag slicks. There's still some work that needs to be done all around the car that's why its going to have few versions. if you have any questions with the car and how to install it you can join the discord that is linked on my GTAV mods profile and I will try my best to help. Any suggestions/features you guys want to see let me know in the comments.


Things that will be coming in the next updates:

Fixed lights (next update)

Fixed hands on wheel (next update)

Fixed interior (next update)

Fixed back wheels going through the floor (next update)


Mentionable credits

base model: Kade.#0065

He converted from https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/ford-f-150-svt-lightning-1999

wheels: TrippInked (Dante) #5838
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