2015 Mitsubishi Outlander - South East Coast Ambulance Service [Reskin]

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15' Plate Mitsubishi Outlander - South East Coast Ambulance RRV Skin

I hope you enjoy this Reskin, and please note that this was one of my first skins so it might not be my best skin. Any problems feel free to comment down below. Also if you want to see any other skins message me directly on discord and ill think about uploading them!

How to Install:

1. Go to this link and download it: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/winshire-ambulance-service-outlander-rrv-els-replace

2. Simply Replace the YTD that comes with that download with the one you received in this download

3. Replace into Latest Patchday

4. Have Fun!


Model: Bought by Saul Worthy

Converted: M.Asquith

Lowered: M.Asquith

Setup: SteelyDan

Skin: X.Hargreaves

Stellar: D.Pease

BX: D.Pease

Boot Kit: D.Pease

Terms of Service:

Please do not reupload my skin, but feel free to do you own and upload it, as long as you provide the appropriate credits and only upload the .YTD and link the Original Authors Model.

Feel free to use it in Youtube/Twitch but please do credit appropriately.

Follow Me:

Twitter: @XAHargreaves

Discord: X.Hargreaves(3468)

My Official Discord: https://discord.gg/sbqam3g
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