2021 Bugatti Super Sport 300+ [ Add-On | Automatic/Manual Spoiler | Animated Engine ]

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---------------------------------------------- G.V.M.A -------------------------------------------------------

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|| 2021 Bugatti Super Sport 300+ ||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||

Model from GameModels.ru (CSR2)

Thanks to

00AbOlFaZl00 for tire texture

Conversion from scratch by me HarvinoiiD.


- HQ exterior, Interior , HQ engine & boot

- HQ mirror reflections

- Working dials

- All lights functioning properly

- Breakable glass and lights

- Hands on steering wheel

- Animated engine

- Automatic spoiler

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Changelog |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

Version 3.0


-Slightly the same interior

-Fixed all lights (front indicator, middle brakinglight, reversinglight)

-Removed all corona. (light)

-Added a second version with manual spoiler

-Fixed wheel COL

-New handling by ChunLi

-rim logo now paintable [PAINT:1]



-No dirtmap : WIP

Version 2.0

-New interior

-Reworked dashboard

-New taillight (brighter at night)

-Fixed window ( tint and shards)

-New handling

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Installation |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

1. Go to update/update.rpf/common/data,

Find dlclist.xml,

Right click and select Edit

Add this line in Paths section


press save

2. Make a folder named " bug300ss " , in update/x64/dlcpacks

drag and drop inside the dlc.rpf from the file you downloaded.

3. Start the game, spawnname:

bug300ss for automatic spoiler version

bug300ss2 for manual spoiler version


||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Bug Report's politics |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

Feel free to report all bugs you find related to the conversion, or the texturing.

Start your message by

[BUG] : describe the bug

[URL] : screenshot of the bug if necessary

( Don't post : * car don't have sound or *handling is bad or *my game crash in loading)

I will try to fix at ten bugs or each month


Please DO NOT edit the car without my permission. Thank you!

Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD my mods on other sites.


---------------------------------------------- G.V.M.A -------------------------------------------------------
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