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- Changed combat behaviour from Default to Cop

- With Cops: Back on the Beat, adjusted detective spawns to the same amount as city cops with recent update (from 05 to 02).

- Supports OpenIV Package Installer

Instead of replacing something, this mod provides you with a new, added pedestrian that's designed blend in on the streets of Los Santos.

From secretive stakeouts to tire screeching high speed chases, these boys are determined to catch you or any other bad guy just like other cops on the beat.

This mod is developed in conjunction with Custo's Sixth Star mod. As you're installing the detectives, you'll be presented with a choice for compatibility with it.

I've also integrated it with my Cops: Back on the Beat mod so you'll see the occasional unmarked cruiser in the city, if you wish to install that.

Of course, neither of those two mods are necessary but it's the only way to see them in the game, aside from spawning them yourself.

To spawn the ped yourself, the model is called: S_M_M_Dick_01

Link to The Sixth Star:
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