Annis Requiem ZR [Add-on Tuning Template]

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Street racing is forbidden in Los Santos? Who cares? Neons and flashy paints are not trendy anymore? Who cares? If your brain is stuck in 2010, we can't do anything for you but we heard that Zaibatsu Corporation imported one of the best Street Racer car : the old-new boosted ZR. So grab your balls and get in if you are crazy enought to crash on a wall. Of course they forgot to import the brakes, but who cares? Time for drifting beachies!

Annis Requiem ZR

fifth mod by team Ydrop

main work player 2

somes parts by player 1

somes livery by player 3

install in read me


- requemzr1 (lhd)

- requiemzr3 (rhd)

This car is BASED on the ZR380, but it's not. it's a fully new car, in handling, shell, engines, everything is different from a ZR380 (fun fact, it actually shares the door shell with the vanilla one, that's all).

The car comes in "basic finish" you can use the "High end" option in each interrior categorie to get an upgraded stock look.

This mod contains 2 model, usdm and jdm. Exept turn signal, every stock different part are in the modkit of each other.

you can find it in sport categorie

a resemblance to real vehicles shouldn't be accidental

1.0 : release

1.1 : bug fix

- fixed RHD last dash option (was for LHD)

- edited a bit the stearing wheels hub position

- deleted a residual part on race sport knob option

features :

- working dials, with all dash signal (paintable High end tuning option)

- full new interrior (paintable with High end tuning option)

- more than 250 tuning parts

- livery support (carbon livery support too. but dont use pearlesent paint with it)

- LODS (even if it's useless to go more than L1 on this sort of parking car mods)

- dirt map is fine (a bit fucked on GT serie kit, but who will go off road with jgtc car ??)

- Breakable glass (but, dont do this. it's not fair.)

- working openable roof tuning option (if you got one applyed, play with rear door and rear windows)

- lot of small cool detail

- stock spoiler and diffuser in extra on both

- colorable and shaking "car freshner" on interrior mirror is an extra

- animated engine tuning option

- lots of things.. really...

- Cool handling by Eddlm

enjoy, and remember to respect driving restriction in your country

thanks and credit are in
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