Bordeaux Arias [Add-On | Tuning | LODs | Sounds]

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If you need a cheeky compact to vandalise with a stereo system the size of yer mum and a paintjob so gaudy it's classified as a crime against humanity, get an Asbo. If you don't have half a million to spend on an Asbo - get an Arias. Say goodbye to robbing casinos to afford automotive monuments to sleaze. Just break the piggy bank, tell your taste goodbye and leap into the nasty noughties - once and for all.


Lambofreak: Custom Sounds

Eddlm: Custom Handling

MyCrystals: Description

Crower: Mod Pictures

The Nation Discord Community: Feedback / Ideas.

EA Blackbox: Reference Model


Bordeaux Arias modelled from scratch by me.

Custom wheels.


Dirt Mapping.

Breakable Glass.

Custom Sounds.

Custom Tuning Parts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: "Can I use this mod on my FiveM Server ?"

A1: "Yes, you can, as long as the cars in the pack are not a reward for a donation or exclusive to one person, you may use it."

Q2: "Can you add x part ?"

A2: "Depends on the part, as of 13/02/2021 I am happy with what the car has."

Q3: "Can I add x part ?"

A3: "Yes, please feel free to add to the car for private + server use. If you want your parts added in an update, please contact me on Discord #13Stewartc#9365"

Q4: "What's with the LOD's, they're not like R*'s ?"

A4: "Rockstar quality LOD's take me a week straight to create, I don't feel this is worth my time, these LOD's work well enough, however pop-in will be noticeable in game."


Installation Instructions in the .zip

Please report any bugs in the comments

Donations are always appreciated 😎

You may use this vehicle mod in your FiveM server as long as its not a reward for a donation / exclusive to one person.
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