Civil Warrior Armor (MCOC)

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Play as Civil Warrior from Marvel Contest of Champions in GTA 5!!!!

Installation guides:

1. Download the basic requirement:

Add on peds selector

Script hook V

Script hook V donet

NIB menu

2. Download the Ironman mod by JulioNIB:

3. Install the "CivilWarrior" files as add-on ped.

4. Put all the file "CivilWarrior_armor.ini" into scripts\IronmanV Files\ armors

How to play:

Press Ctrl N to load the NIB menu, then choose the ironman script and select "CivilWarrior".

Special thanks to Nico3mus for activating my zmodeler3 license, I will continue to convert peds until my zm3 license ends two days later. (For the spider-man far from home stealth suit (marvel future fight), I beleive that other modders like fakeplastic or TheSpeedForce are quite enthusiastic in terms of making spider-man mods, they may convert that. If that's the case, I can take a break for a while.)
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