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This mod aims to make the gunplay experience in singleplayer as realistic as possible. Focusing mainly on weapon effects and some other tweakings

Currently dlc weapons are not included, but they will be added in future updates

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Realistic weapon effects with smokes and occasionally appearing muzzle flashes. Some guns produce massive smokes, some produce less

Removed tracers

Slower reload for every weapon. THIS AIN'T COD OR BF

Real life mag capacity based on popular replace model of the weapons or their real-life counterparts

Massively reduced bullet force, peds don't get push around when shot now

RPG now has realistic speed.The firing trail was also removed because it doesn't exist irl. Now the dust nearby should fly up when firing it

Shoulder aim for MG, COMBATMG and MICROSMG

RETICLES ARE REMOVED !! (Choose complex aim for no reticle, simple aim for basic reticle)

Other changes:

Increased shotgun range and reduced spread so they perform much more efficient in combat

Decreased all melee weapon's force so they don't send ped flying, making the knockdown drop cleaner

Increased bullet spread for automatic weapons, zooming in won't increase the accuracy anymore.

Lowered limb shots damage depending on the weapon

Guns now have more realistic damage on light armor, small caliber weapons cause less damage, high caliber weapons almost ignores the armor and does alot damage. Barret will pierce through it completely.

some pistol have reduced damage.

standard pistol mag capacity increased to 15, 20 for extended mag to match Beratta-92

combat pistol mag capacity increased to 17, 24 for extended mag to match Glock-17

APpistol standard mag capacity increased to 19 to match the Glock-18

SMG extended mag reduced to 45

MG standard mag capacity upgraded to 100 round, 200 for extended mag

Assaultshotgun standard mag capacity increased to 12, extended mag reduced to 28 rounds to match the real-life USAS-12

Heavysniper mag capacity upgraded to 10 to match the Barret M107
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