Karin Sultan Drift Missile [Add-On]

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Sultan Drift Missile. any wall have ever been involved.

Special Ydrop mod

main work player 2

many help by player 1

! disclamer :

- if you instal this mod on a fivem server and your lagging because not optimised and too much player use it at once => not our problem, this car is mean to be an unic build.

- the iner part of the hood you see on the screens have been changed since, it now match the outer. thx to not point this out

Instal in the read-me

striped interior is in dash detail (benny mods in menyoo)

engine detail and body ziptie are dial paint (benny mods in menyoo)

This mod is meant to be a drift car matching with player 2 drift skill in our FiveM server.

You wont found any customisation since the car is just my own drift build. the parts will be avaliable later as tuning on a regular sultan mod.

of course no lods

breakable glass, dirt map are here

Credit :

All the YDROP fiveM server/discord for feedback and test

northwind_jme for the rollcage

VanillaWork community : decals

13Stewartc for updated base model => https://fr.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/quality-of-life-car-pack-replace

StartScreamer/Charli501/notyres/SaruuraS/UniQue : release screenshots
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