LA Torrance Transit Liveries for New Flyer Xcelsior XD40

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L.A. Torrance Transit Liveries for New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 by KV12sprchg

This skin pack will turn the XD40 bus mod into real life Torrance Transit buses driving around Los Angeles / Los Santos, in Torrance L.A. around the area around Crenshaw to Del Amo Mall they actually use XN60 Natural Gas version of the New Flyer Xcelsior without a back window. However this is the model available this is the one we will use. These skins go well for Bus Operator role play (Bus Sim V) especially if you have mods like 5Real and LARevo2.0! Torrence Transit buses do not have any advertisements on them.

Version 1.0 - Accurate XN60 Green / White with gold and blue stripes livery for Torrance Transit Line in Los Angeles, complete with the Orange LED signboard displaying the actual routes. The buses livery is accurately numbered is reflect the ones currently active in the fleet.

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (Please read carefully and make backups before installing):

Brampton Transit Bus Pack - Part 1 [Addon] - by SCPDUnit23

Open using OPENIV

Basically here are the files we will be replacing.

LATrnceBus.ytd --- replaces ---> bxd40.ytd

Detailed instructions included.
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