Lore Friendly NFS Undercover Livery Pack

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Hi! This is a Need For Speed Undercover inspired livery pack featuring the iconic police GT-R and the K9 Rhino, this time adapted for the in-game universe.

This pack includes liveries for:

Elegy RH-8

Seminole V8 Sport

If you are using the mod publicly like fivem, i recommend you ask the author of the 2 packs for permission to edit the files, as this mod adds two new textures, 1 for each car. All credits for the models goes to him.

To install the liveries you will need the folowing packs, which i also highly recommend if you are a fan of both GTA and NFS:

For the Seminole: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rockport-police-pack-addon

For the Elegy: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/hot-pursuit-blaine-county-pd-pack-add-on


1 - Install the 2 mod packs i have listed.

2 - Download OpenIV or CodeWalker.

3 - After the above steps, extract the .zip folder of this mod.

4 - Open "OpenIV or CodeWalker rpf Explorer"

5 - Go to where you installed the Blaine County PD Pack and find the texture files named "bcpd7.ytd" and "bcpd7_hi.ytd", you can search for it or you can find it by following this path: (dlc.rpf\x64\vehicles.rpf\)

6 - Activate Edit mode.

7 - Open the the 2 files and add the textures provided. 1 for the bcpd7_hi.ytd and 1 for bcpd7.ytd.

8 - Keep in mind that the bcpd7 and the bcpd_hi files have different texture sizes, i have sepparated the 2 texture in 2 folders to make it easy to destinguish.

9 - Save both files.

10 - Repeat the same process, this time for the "rpdsuv2.ytd" file inside the Rocport PD pack.

11 - This time, you only need to add 1 texture.

If you found any issues or bugs, tell me.

Bonut tip:

If you are using menyoo, the best colour for the Elegy is:

- Primary/Secondary - 80

- Pearlescent - 74


Voit Turyv - for the original mods

Rockstar Games - for creating this game environment we all love

Need For Speed - for the memories


1.0 - Initial release

License Note:

Please, don't upload this mod anywhere without permission.

Uploading this elsewhere, using this to your own proffit, under a paid subscription or a pay wall, or using it on any FiveM server that uses the resourse as a pay to access, without author's permission is prohibited.

People, please respect the author's decision. You can modify the textures if you want, for your own use only.
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