NIKE [TN] TUNED 1 | original | for Frankiln

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NIKE [TN] TUNED 1 original

The shoes that make you angry and invincible.

-read the "INSTALLATION GUIDE.txt"-


1. OpenIV - [](

- Install ASI Loader & OpenIV .ASI

1. Script Hook V - [](

2. ScriptHookVDotNet - [](


1. Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod](








Q: Why I can't access the trainer?

A: The trainer is not compatible with your game version!


Q: How to install the trainer?

A: Download and install OpenIV .ASI, ScriptHookVDotNet & Menyoo PC. Then start OpenIV .ASI, select your game version and click edit. Select the trainers you want to use and click "Enable" button. Done!


Q: Can I use the trainer without installing it? (NO OPENIV)

A: No, you need OpenIV installed in order to use this trainer.


Q: Does it work on Xbox One or PS4? Or both versions at once? (NO OPENIV)

A: It doesn't support Xbox One/PS4 at once because of the different versions of GTAV, but it should work fine on both consoles if you just have one console connected at a time (for example - only PS4).


Q: Can I use this trainer with other trainers or mods? (NO OPENIV)

A: Of course you can! Just make sure that they don't conflict with each other because they will cause an error when trying to enable them from GTAV's settings menu!



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