Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Bus Texture Pack

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The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is an agency that is responsible for transportation in Roosevelt Island, a small island in the East River. It operates a bus system called the Red Bus as well as the aerial tramway. Riding the red bus is free but for the Roosevelt Island Tramway, you have to pay a fare of $2.75.

Note: I am sorry if I cannot get the bike racks off of the buses since RIOC doesn't use bike racks on their bus fleet. So whenever you spawn the bus, it will always have the bike rack. For the XD40, I did not succeed in getting the rear window off since RIOC's XD40s don't have the rear window.

Orion VII models:

New Flyer XD40 models: (WARNING: this link has the XD40 replace the default bus. You do not want to conflict this with the Orion VII HEV, which is made to replace the default bus. If you are installing my textures for the XD40 model that is an add-on, I suggest you to use this link instead:
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