Sims4 Lana Latex Body Suit (Retexture)

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I have created a Latex bodysuit and eye makeup for Lana to accentuate the original creators masterpiece.

Note: download original file

Alex189's Sims 4 Custom Female Ped [Add-On Ped | Replace] v3.0

Install: replace file Lana.ytd

template for if replaced Lana


mods> udpdate> x64> dlcpacks> addonpeds> dlc.rpf> peds.rpf> Lana.ytd

Substitution For example, a_f_y_tourist_01 or any

female modification or ped. > Update> x64> dlcpacks> mppatchesng> dlc.rpf> x64> templates> cdimages> mppatches.rpf> a_f_y_tourist_01.ytd

mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> componentpeds_a_f_y.rpf> a_f_y_tourist_01 .ytd

Credits for the author (alex189)

Credits of the author responsible for the hair (Stealthic)

|Other Credits|

• Model ripped from Sims 4 Game

• Rigged,convert & scratch work stuff by alex189

• saldin93 for the OC model & Texturing stuff.

• Credits to all Ade_Darma, Anto, Cazy, EsyraM, Asteria, Kijiko, spectacledchic, Birba32, LeahLilith and other modders in for making awesome clothing/skin tone/makeups/hair for Sims 4 game.

These creators are extremely talented.

This is a fix for the shiny neck in Version. 0.1
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