Snow White [Add-On Ped]

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Original model by Frontier Developments

Converted to Grand Theft Auto V by huckleberrypie

"Oh, how silly of me! I'm Snow White!" ~ Snow

The fairest one of all, who somehow went to Los Santos just to make sure Franklin is in check and her star on the Walk of Fame isn't vandalised in some way.

I did this one partly as the previous model I used in the now-infamous Lamar parody is a paid yet low-quality character model kanged off Gameloft's Disney game; this one is taken from Disneyland Adventures. She is fully fingered and with facial animations, and comes as a streamed ped as opposed to a single mesh non-streamed model to make life easier for content creators. Took some time for me to rig and fix though as I had to use ZModeler 3 due to issues with the ped shader causing normals to get royally messed up ingame even if

it appears fine within the editor.

As a bonus, I've also added a bonus outfit inspired by her "Ralph Breaks the Internet" rendition too. This can be selected through the Wardrobe menu in Menyoo or the equivalent option in your favourite trainer.

Installation instructions:

Using OpenIV copy the ig_snowwhite folder along with the ig_snowwhite.yft and ymt files to peds.rpf in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf. This assumes that you already have Addon Peds as well as the required scripts set up.

Alternatively if you want to replace a cutscene ped, rename the ig_snowwhite folder as well as its respective yft and ymt files to let's say cs_lamardavis in case you want to have Snow stand in for Lamar and roast the living daylights out of poor Franklin, or you could do it the easy way by following this tutorial:



* Added secondary UV channel which fixes the missing decals (blood/mud/etc.) glitch


* Fixed specular/wetness glitch especially with graphics mods


* Added bonus outfit inspired by "Ralph Breaks the Internet"


* Fixed facial animations


* Initial public release

TERMS OF USE: Feel free to use this mod in whichever content you want to do on YouTube, Twitch or whatever, but please give me credit and leave a link to the original download page. You may modify, port or re-texture the mod, but you may not use this on anything of pornographic or otherwise grossly disturbing nature, and you may not also use this on videos directed towards children i.e. "Spider-Man" "Hulk" or "Elsa" videos.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER/FOR PARENTS: This mod is for mature players only and is made for parody purposes which falls under Fair Use. Due to the graphic nature of this game, this is definitely not intended for small children or sensitive audiences. I am not responsible for any ruined childhoods that may ensue from this mod. Any so-called "kids videos" aka Elsagate using this mod are not my work and I have absolutely nothing to do with them. Please guide your children about internet use accordingly and observe proper judgement online.
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