Top 5 Mod for GTA 5 - Try some of the best GTA 5 mods to keep the game fresh

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GTA mods are great, but they can be overwhelming. This guide will help you find the best ones and show how to install them!

With the right GTA 5 mods, you can make a whole new game out of an old one. With hyper-realistic graphics and Hulkbuster armor to turn any player into Bruce Banner; zombie attacks that'll give Left 4 Dead's Georgeebooka run for its money--you're sure not going back playing with this collection after these upgrades!

GTA 5 is a game that's been loved by many people for years. And with good reason! There are so many awesome mods out there to choose from, it can be hard deciding what you want or need--especially if your powers in-game haven't quite reached expert level yet (I'm looking at YOU Tennisplayer). Luckily this GTA5 Mod Guide will help show some of the best ones as well provide instructions on downloading and installing them quickly & easily

How to install GTA 5 mods on PC

There are two tools you need to download first: Script Hook V  and GTAV LUA Plugin. We'll start with Script Hook V .

How to install Script Hook V for GTA 5:

  1. Download Script Hook V (opens in new tab) and open the .zip folder.
  2. Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the parent GTAV folder.
    If you're playing the game through Steam, this can be found in \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\.
    Unfortunately, Script Hook V hasn't been updated to support the Epic Games version. If it does, we'll update this guide, but you're stuck with vanilla GTA 5 until then.
  3. Do the same with both dsound.dll (this is the Asi Loader) and NativeTrainer.asi. Asi Loader is essential because it allows you to launch .asi plugins, while Native Trainer is the thing that lets you access cheats like teleportation, super jump, and more.

How to install the GTAV LUA Plugin:

  1. Download the GTAV LUA Plugin(opens in new tab) and open the .zip folder.
  2. Copy the 'scripts' folder and the LUA.asi file to the same parent folder as before.
  3. Whenever you download a LUA file in future as part of a mod, you'll need to put them inside the 'addins' folder inside the 'scripts' folder.

Now in order to install the mods themselves — make sure you read the specific instructions — but the gist of it should be as simple as copying the mod files to the main GTA 5 folder. Keep reading for our 25 best GTA 5 mods on PC, in no particular order.

1. Put your hands up and give me all of your valuables!

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

While you can rob stores with ease, you can't actually burgle someone's house in GTA 5. Until now. The Home Invasion mod allows you to enter certain houses either stealthily or guns blazing, then rob the inhabitants at gunpoint. Some homeowners will fight back and there are seven different house types, including mansions.

2. Welcome to L.A.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Los Santos is a wonderful city, and while some areas are inspired by real-world locations like the Hollywood Sign or In N Out burger restaurants there's no avoiding that it's an entirely fictional place. But now you can get your fix of reality with this add on which has countless ingoing mentions including two locations in Compton (which actually exist), one near Beverly Hills hotel--and more!

3. Turn Los Santos into a photorealistic gangster’s paradise 


Mod: NaturalVision Remastered

With a plethora of graphics enhancement mods available for GTA 5, there is no shortage when it comes to beautifying Los Santos. However NaturalVision Remastered takes the cake as being both powerful and comprehensive in its effects that make one feel like they're walking around with their eyes wide open seeing how gorgeous life can really be on screen! Offering 4K resolutions along side an overhaul from original aesthetics presented by Rockstar Games; this mod makes 'GTA5 look visually similar t
It doesn't get much better than southern california - so if you want amazing views while gaming then give these guys

4. Become Iron Man 

Mod: Script Hook V (opens in new tab) / Iron Man Script 2.0

Iron Man has always been one of the most popular Marvel characters, and now you can bring him home with this awesome GTA 5 mod. true to his word it hooks up a fully operational Iron man suit that is complete including boost thrusters as well repulsor beams just like in movies! You also get those oh so satisfying eeeyoooop blasters which any fan will know mean business when they hear them scream across town or soar over oceans.

5. Return to Vice City

Vice City may be a favorite among gamers, but with the outdated versions of GTA: Vice Cry released by Rockstar it still looks rather dated. Thankfully this is not true for its new counterpart; players can enjoy an updated version that includes beautiful graphics and sound effects as well!

Mod: Vice Cry: Remastered




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