Ubermacht Zion GT-C [Add-On | Liveries | Sounds]

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There is a difference between a german flagship for the man with an ego and a little coupe for the barber lady down the road - if they're bone stock, that is. Fill a ride with six-figures worth of tech - and wonders start to happen. The barber lady's ride is now slashing everything in sight with a danger razor - and the competition is in pieces. No more Ms. Nice Coupe - this Zion is on a warpath.

How to install:

1.Put "ziongtc" folder in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

2.Add this line -> dlcpacks:\ziongtc\ to the dlclist.xml (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data)

Spawn name: ziongtc


Rockstar Games - original model

Jam - porting

Boywond - model edits

Carrythxd - add-on assembly

grmpls - handling

LamboFreak - custom engine sounds

JoonasPRKL - screenshots

MyCrystals! - description

Livery Credits:

TheSecretPower - Cherenkov Racing, Demonoil Racing

Cranlet - Access Motorsports-Testosterzone, Amitec Racing, DP Computers, Panoramic Racing

AbsolutelyHalal - Desert Rat, Pisswasser GTC #115

Will Have Had - AM Beer, Space 103.2

Daerius - Dusche, Ripper Roo, Atomic Racing

Smukkeunger - Pisswasser GTC #27

K1LLFANTASY - Ubermacht Modern Art Masterpiece

bytx - Flint

ORENGBOSS™ 🍊 - What is Art?

⚧transrights⚧ - Cotorra Chaos, Diet Disaster

Testarossa - Digital Carbon

NightInGery - AlcoHolla

.Del - Pisswasser GTC #97

Boywond - Chepalle, eCola, Shapeshifter
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