USAF [Armed] 337 / O-2 Cessna Skymaster [Add-On]

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Upload by: Foxunitone & DarthPungz


I had been waiting and hoping for someone to bring 337 / O-2 Cessna Skymaster into GTA 5. Thankfully, Foxunitone heard my request and came through huge! I greatly appreciate it!

Foxunitone was overly gracious with sharing his time and expertise to take on my request for an armed version of the 337 / O-2 Cessna Skymaster. I painted up 6 skins for this bad boy.

I grew up on USAF bases as a kid and saw a few of these planes in service. I always thought that the push and pull aspect .. or as the USAF pilots would say "suck and blow"... of the design was pretty cool. This plane is a blast to fly in GTA 5, is slow, maneuverable, and it packs a punch now that it is armed.


Spawn name: skymastera

About the model:

Six fictional skins based on some Vietnam war reference pics.


Mod features:

- Accurate propeller rotations

- Retractable landing gears

- Detailed exterior

- Mid-detailed interior

-Working doors

- Working dials

- Bullet impact and glass shattering

- LODs

- Custom col mesh

- Working Rockets (Lock-On and non-Lock-on)

- Turbulence removed from vehicle handling for a smoother flying experience


Converted to GTA V and modified by Foxunitone

Liveries and add-on package by DarthPungz

A huge, sincere thank you to Foxunitone for all of his amazing models for the GTA community. I deeply appreciate his time, talent, and generous kindness that he has poured into his work for all of us GTA aviation people.

I hope that you enjoy this wonderful O-2 Skymaster model and the six skins :)



You will to used OpenIV (



This is a DLC package Add-On method, actually easy to install.

Here is what you need to do. (I would advise using a Mods folder (More info at OpenIV )

Step 1:

Drag and drop the folder included in the add-on method folder to your main \Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks location (if you're using a Mods folder, then drop it into \GTA V\mods\)

Step 2:(Make sure you click "Edit Mode" in the top right-hand side of your OpenIV window

Using OIV open up dlclist.xml in \update\update.rpf\common\data and add the following entry with Notepad++:


Click "Save"

And now you should be done. You need a trainer to spawn the vehicle. As vehicle name, type in "skymastera" to spawn or select it from the added vehicles menu within your trainer.

I always advise using a "Mods" folder (More info at OpenIV )

And make a backup, I take no responsibility if any shit happens.
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