Vanillaworks Extended Pack [Add-On | OIV | Tuning | Liveries]

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Upload by: Vanillaworks and other modders


Vanillaworks Extended is an add-on pack which includes a collection of lore-friendly vehicles from various different mod creators.


- This pack will replace the following files:

  • gameconfig.xml, handling.meta, popcycle.dat, popgroups.ymt, vehicles.meta & vehiclemodelsets.meta
  • mpheist: vehicles.meta
  • mpindependence: vehicles.meta
  • mplowrider: handling.meta, vehicles.meta


    - Game version: 1.0.2189.0 - The Cayo Perico Heist Update (Older versions of the game are not supported)

    - HeapAdjuster

    - Menyoo and/or Simple Trainer

    - Mods folder

    - Packfile Limit Adjuster

    - SirenSetting Limit Adjuster


    The full vehicle list can be found here or by clicking the "Vehicle List & Other Information" link in the downloaded archive. The spawn names can be found in the same document.



    1. Open OpenIV

    2. Go to Tools -> Package Installer

    3. Find the .OIV files that come with this pack

    4. Click on the one that you want to install

    5. Choose the "mods" folder option and wait for it to finish the installation

    6. [OPTIONAL] If you also want to install the other .OIV files, repeat the above steps


    1. Open the "VWE_Optional.oiv", "VWE_Required.oiv" or "VWE_Scenarios.oiv" file with 7Zip/WinRar

    2. Open the "assembly.xml" file with Notepad/Notepad++

    3. Follow the installation paths and place the files in their correct locations

    4. [OPTIONAL] If you also want to install the other .OIV files, repeat the above steps


    To report a bug, you can either use the Google Forms bug report form here or the comment section of the pack on GTA5-Mods. When reporting a bug, please try to be as descriptive as possible. Typing "car broken. fix." will not help anybody.

    A list of known issues can be found here. The list will be updated as new bugs are found. Please read through it before posting your bug report.



    - Added new .OIV package: VWE_Optional, includes vehicles that wouldn't normally spawn in traffic, have no LODs or have been "replaced" by a better version released by Rockstar Games

    - Added new .OIV package: VWE_Required, includes vehicles that spawn in regular traffic (not actually required, _Optional & _Scenarios will work without this installed)

    - Added new .OIV package: VWE_Scenarios, includes vehicles that spawn via scenarios (this package doesn't modify any scenarios at the moment due to it being a work in progress)

    - Added new requirement: cp702's SirenSetting Limit Adjuster (linked above in the REQUIREMENTS section)

    - Added new requirement: Dilapidated's HeapAdjuster (linked above in the REQUIREMENTS section)

    - Added new requirement: Unknown Modder's Packfile Limit Adjuster (linked above in the REQUIREMENTS section)

    - Added support for the latest game version (1.0.2189.0 - The Cayo Perico Heist Update)

    - The model names of all vehicles included now start with a "vwe_", "vweo_" or "vwes_" to avoid conflicts with other mods and/or GTA Online updates

    - The random game crashes should now be much less frequent, but unfortunately can still happen (A huge thanks to Eddlm for creating a script that lists the vehicles that spawns in traffic and to JRod for going through various vehicles to find out which are causing crashes)

    - Vehicle Data Tweaks has been removed from the pack. It has been released separately and can be found here


    Added Bob322's (& others):

    - Annis Elegy Retro Rally

    - Cheval Boomerang V8 Super Circuit

    - Cheval Fugitive V8 Super Circuit

    - Declasse Tulip SS

    - HVY Biff Semi

    - Jobuilt Haulmaster Flatbed

    - Karin Kuruma Rally

    - Karin Sultan Rally

    - Karin Sultan Classic Rally

    - Karin Sultan Wagon

    - Lampadati Michelli GT Rally

    - Trailer Pack

    - Vapid Contender Retro Crew Cab

    - Vapid Contender Retro Utility

    Added bravo-one-charlie's (& others):

    - Mors Mutual Roadside Assistance Pack

    - Vapid Riata

    Added Dani02's (& others):

    - Annis Hellion XL

    - Benefactor Admiral Classic

    - Bravado Recursion

    - Cheval Picador EXR

    - Declasse 550SS

    - Declasse Brigham

    - Declasse Granger Retro

    - Imponte Hotring Dukes

    - Karin Rebel Sport Pack

    - Lampadati Mesos Rallye

    - Maibatsu Mule 4x4

    - Vapid Executioner Retro

    - Vapid Razor

    - Vapid Riata Retro

    - Vapid Sadler Retro

    - Vapid Sadler Sport Retro

    - Ubermacht Seraph

    - Ubermacht Zion Classic

    - Ubermacht Zion Classic LM

    Added Details_ (& others):

    - Dinka Kuroi

    - LCC Verin

    - Western Motorcycle Company Slave

    Added Glennoconnell's (& others):

    - Albany Cavalcade EXT

    - Declasse Granger

    - Enus Cognoscenti

    - Vapid Contender

    - Added ilayarye's (& others):

    - Albany White Liner

    - Declasse Yosemite

    - Dewbauchee Vesper

    - Dundreary Landroamer

    - Dundreary Landstalker

    - Vapid Sandking SWB

    Added jammo2k5's (& others):

    - Bravado Youga Turbo & Bravado Youga Turbo V12

    - Dewbauchee Rapid GTE

    - Entara CW20

    - Entara JV90

    - Ocelot Elena

    - Vapid Blade Cruiser

    Added LamboFreak's (& others):

    - Annis Elegy RH8-X

    - Bravado Buffalo Hellhound

    - Bravado Gresley Hellhound

    - Declasse Restomod Tampa

    - Dewbauchee SuperGTS

    - Karin Ariant

    - Karin Sigma-Three

    - Karin Sultan Classic Custom

    - Obey 9R

    - Obey Argento

    - Pegassi Infernus S Roadster

    - Pegassi Monroe Custom

    - Progen MF1 Spyder

    - Ubermacht Sentinel SG4 Drift Missile

    - Vapid Contender Custom

    - Zircoflow Stratum

    Added Monkeypolice188's (& others):

    - Albany Emperor

    - Albany Manana

    - Albany Romero

    - Benefactor Stretch E

    - Bravado Mastodon

    - Brute Boxville Retro

    - Brute Bus

    - Brute Mixer Classic

    - Brute School Bus & Derby Bus

    - Brute Stockade

    - Brute Refuser

    - HVY Forklift

    - Jobuilt Mammoth Skimmer

    - MTL Cerberus 200 & MTL Cerberus 300

    - MTL Cerberus 300 Hound & Classic Tanker Trailer

    - Vapid Steed 1500 Utility

    - Vulcar Nebula

    - Western Mallard Stunt Plane

    Added Murciélago's (& others):

    - Benefactor Dubsta 4x4

    - Pfister Comet R

    - Progen T20 GTR

    - Truffade Adder Sport

    Added muzazipr's (& others):

    - Bravado Feroci Custom

    - Maibatsu Vincent Sport

    Added NorthwindJME's (& others):

    - Dinka Jester Classic

    - Karin Kuruma Widebody

    Added TheF3nt0n's (& others):

    - 2nd Gen Buckingham Maverick

    - Airport Service Pack

    - Benefactor Glendale Stretch

    - Bravado Rumpo Box Truck

    - Bravado Rumpo Newsvan

    - Brute Boxville

    - Brute Bus

    - Brute Coach

    - Brute Taco Van

    - Cheval Surge Arrester

    - Declasse Burrito Pack

    - Declasse Granger 1500LX

    - Dump Trailer

    - Foodworks: Food Delivery Pack

    - HVY Barracks Flatbed

    - Karin Ensenada

    - Lifeguard Maverick

    - Maibatsu Mule Tipper

    - Mammoth Patriot

    - Mammoth Patriot Classic

    - Mammoth Scamp

    - Mammoth Squaddie Classic

    - Nagasaki Caddy Retro

    - Vapid Benson

    - Vapid Benson Classic

    - Vapid Bobcat XL

    - Vapid Bus Classic Pack

    - Vapid Sadler Ramp Truck

    - Vapid Speedo Cutaway

    - Vapid Steed

    - Vapid Steed 1500

    - Vapid Steed 1500 Newsvan

    - Vapid Utility Contender

    - Vapid Yankee

    - Zirconium Journey

    Added Vanillaworks Team's (& others):

    - Annis Euros

    - Annis Majima GT

    - Annis S-230

    - Annis ZR-150

    - Annis ZR-380

    - BF Club GTR

    - Benefactor Schwartzer Classic

    - Benefactor Spritzer Pack

    - Bravado Banshee Phase One

    - Bravado Verlierer GT

    - Dinka Serena

    - Dinka Urban

    - Dinka Ventoso

    - Entara HPR-1 "Hyperion"

    - Grotti Turismo

    - Hijak Tachyon

    - Hijak Vertice

    - Karin R70K-II

    - Karin Sigma-Two

    - Krieger Specials Zion Classic

    - Ocelot Euphoria

    - Pfister 711

    - Pfister Meteor

    - Shitzu Castella

    - Stanley Fieldmaster Classic

    - Time Attack Pack

    - Ubermacht Sentinel Classic DTM

    - Ubermacht Sentinel SG4

    - Ubermacht Vorstand

    - Ubermacht Zion GT-C

    - Vapid FMJ GTE

    - Vapid Sabot

    - Vulcar Hachura R

    - Vulcar Ingot R255

    - Vulcar Nebula Wagon

    Added Voit Turyv's (& others):

    - Annis Elegy RH-8

    - Bravado Buffalo A/C

    - Grotti Carbonizzare

    - Pegassi Infernus Classic

    - Pegassi Infernus SE Classic

    - Pegassi Torero

    - Vapid Bullet GT

    - Ubermacht Sentinel XS

    Added Vx5 Voltage's (& others):

    - Vapid Interceptor

    - Vapid STD Stanier

    - Vapid Torrence SSO

    Added w/'s (& others):

    - Declasse Alamo Retro

    - Declasse Voodoo

    - Jack Sheepe Lawn ReMower

    - JoBuilt Phantom

    - MTL Packer

    - MTL Packer Racetruck

    - Nagasaki Buzzard Pack

    - Pup Trailer

    - Vapid Caracara 4x4

    - Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign

    - Western Motorcycle Company WinterGreen

    Added WildBrick142's (& others):

    - Imponte Digital Deluxo

    - Invetero Coquette Phobos

    - Pegassi Technical Torero

    Other creators:

    - Added Algonquin Hood's Obey Tailgater V6 Sport

    - Added Boywond's & others Ocelot Ardent Turbo

    - Added Faran's Vapid Peyote

    - Added Hullian111's & le_shark's Bus

    - Added Jacobmaate's P-996 LAZER Trainer Jet


    - Moved the Dinka Flash liveries from regular .ytd liveries to tuning liveries

    - Updated various vehicles

    - Updated the handling on various vehicles


    - Removed 11john11's Declasse Merit Classic Taxi (standalone release)

    - Removed 13stewartc's Albany Primo Beater, Declasse Burrito Custom, Karin Sultan Wagon, Karin Sultan RS Wagon & Stanley Tractor Custom

    - Removed Bob322's Albany Emperor Snapped Turbo (standalone release), Albany Rusty Emperor, BMX Custom (standalone release), Barrage (standalone release), Bravado Duneloader (standalone release), Canis Mesa SWB (standalone release), Declasse Rancher 6x6, Declasse Rusty Tornado Cabrio, Declasse Yosemite 6x6, HVY Barracks Classic, HVY Barracks Flatbed (standalone release), HVY Sturdy Pack, Vapid Sandking Utility Single Cab (standalone release) & Vapid Sandking Utility SWB (standalone release)

    - Removed CushinForDaPushin's Vapid Sandking XL Dually (standalone release) & Vapid Sandking XL Dually (standalone release)

    - Removed Dani02's BF Injection (standalone release)

    - Removed darewnoo's Mammoth Patriot Classic (standalone release)

    - Removed glennconnell's Brute Dashound (standalone release) & Western Company Cuban 800 (standalone release)

    - Removed jammo2k5's Dinka Jester Classic

    - Removed le_shark's Albany Esperanto Taxi (standalone release)

    - Removed KermanRB12's Bravado Gauntlet Heist (standalone release)

    - Removed MGgames100's Jobuilt Rusty Haulmaster (standalone release) & Nagasaki Blazer Retro

    - Removed Tall70's Coil Brawler Convertible (standalone release) & Coil Street Brawler Convertible (standalone release)

    - Removed TheF3nt0n's Bravado Rumpo Escape (standalone release) & Vapid Stanier Pack (standalone release)

    - Removed xXGARRAPPAXx's & Bob322's Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Cabrio (standalone release) & Vapid Big Ol' Bobcat (standalone release)


    - 13stewartc's and xXGARRAPPAXx's vehicles were removed as per authors request.

    - Darewnoo's Mammoth Patriot Classic was removed due to TheF3nt0n releasing an updated & fixed version of it.

    - Jammo2k5's Dinka Jester Classic was removed due to Rockstar Games releasing an updated & fixed version of the Dinka Jester Classic with the After Hours update.

    - The rest of the vehicles were removed to reduce the overall file size of the pack or for other reasons. If there is a standalone release of the vehicle, it has been linked above so that you can download it & add it to your game separately.


    - The model names have now been 'reset' to start from 1 (e.g. vwe_elegy1, vwe_elegy2, vwe_riata1, vwe_riata2, vwe_riata3, etc.)

    - The model names of all vehicles included now start with a "vwe_", "vweo_" or "vwes_"


    - Added 11john11's Dong Cab, United Taxi & Yellow Car Co. liveries for the Declasse Merit Classic Taxi

    - Added AlexanderLB's Orang-O-Tang & Phat Chips liveries for the Bravado Rumpo Box Truck

    - Added AlexanderLB's Fame or Shame & SAN NEWS 4 KSAN-TV liveries for the Bravado Rumpo Newsvan

    - Added AlexanderLB's Herr Kutz,, Save-a-Cent, Top Fun & Zombotech Corporation liveries for the Declasse Burrito 2nd Gen

    - Added AlexanderLB' Munky Juice livery for the Vapid Benson

    - Added AlexanderLB's Brown Streak Maintenance, D-RAIL Maintenance, Go Loco Maintenance, Los Santos Department of Green Power, Los Santos Department of Sanitation, Los Santos Department of Water & Power, Los Santos Transit Maintenance & U-Benders liveries for the Vapid Sandking Utility

    - Added Ambient's FunCola & Raven Slaughterhouse liveries for the Bravado Rumpo Box Truck

    - Added Ambient's CNT Classic Vinewood, D-Rail Los Santos, Fern Bus Lines, Jock Cranley, Olympian Rentals & U.C.L.S. Bookworms liveries for the Brute Coach

    - Added Cass' Flow Water livery for the MTL Pounder

    - Added Cranlet's Dealership Courtesy Shuttle livery for the Bravado Rumpo Escape

    - Added Cranlet's Chilliad Breeze, Clarks Root Beer, ECola, FunCola & Sprunk liveries for the Brute Benson

    - Added Cranlet's Blaine County Transit "Wander", FlashBus, LSDOT Traveler Expedient, SanTrak Tourlines, Unified Transport, Western Coastal Transportation & Yang Naing Bus liveries for the Brute Coach

    - Added Cranlet's Bolt Burger & Shaft Hot Dogs liveries for the Bravado Rumpo Box Truck

    - Added Cranlet's KCBN livery for the Bravado Rumpo Newsvan

    - Added Cranlet's RSR Team JiffiRent #99 livery for the Cheval V8 Super Circuit

    - Added Cranlet's Black & White Wanko Ultimate Vigero U/V liveries for the Declasse Vigero Rumbler

    - Added GogoDG's Annis PL Street, Sakura Drifter & Sakura Drifter (transparent) liveries for the Annis ZR-350

    - Added grmpls' Team 24-7 Dynamics #24 & Team GoPostal #90 liveries for the Cheval Fugitive V8 Super Circuit

    - Added LamboFreak's AfterThought livery for the Bravado Gauntlet Classic

    - Added Monkeypolice188's Air Herler, Atomic, Auto Exotic, Bean Machine, Burger Shot, Caipira Airways, Deludamol, Device, E-Cola, Fukaru, Power Metal, Redwood Cigarettes & Tenshun liveries for the MTL Pounder

    - Added Monkeypolice188's Los Santos Department of Transportation, Los Santos Department of Water & Power, Los Santos Department of Wind Power & Pharte Gas liveries for the Vapid Sandking Utility

    - Added OtherSideGuy's Hot Coffee livery for the Brute Taco Van

    - Added OtherSideGuy's CunTech Racing #92 livery for the Cheval Fugitive V8 Super Circuit

    - Added OtherSideGuy's Rage Racer Tier 4 livery pack for the Invetero Coquette

    - Added OtherSideGuy's Cross-ex Art #86 livery for the Karin Kuruma Rally

    - Added TheSecretPower's Domino Effect livery for the Annis ZR-35

    - Added TheSecretPower's LSIA Shuttle livery for the Brute Bus

    - Added TheSecretPower's Arrow Vigero livery for the Declasse Vigero Rumbler

    - Added TheSecretPower's Karin Rally Team Pack & Jackal Racing #73 liveries for the Karin Kuruma Rally

    - Added TheSecretPower's Atomic Drift, Team Athena 200's #52, Team Homies Sharp #25, Team Motion Lotion Racer #82 & Team Terroil Racing #28 liveries for the Ubermacht Sentinel Classic DTM

    - Added TheSecretPower's Bullhead Racer #08 & Classic STD #17 liveries for the Ubermacht Zion Classic LM

    - Added Unbid's AutoBaha, Noodle Exchange & YouTool liveries for the Declasse Burrito 2nd Gen

    - Added Yannerins' E-Cola & Graffiti liveries for the Bravado Rumpo Box Truck

    - Added Yannerins' East Los FM, KJTS-LS, KWOK-5 & Z-Box Satellite Service livery for the Bravado Rumpo Newsvan

    - Added Yannerins' Toucdown Rental livery for the Brute Coach

    - Added Yannerins' GoPostal livery for the Declasse Burrito 2nd Gen

    - Added Yannerins' Los Santos International Airport livery for the Vapid Sandking Utility

    - Added Yannerins' Graffiti & US Postal liveries for the Vapid Speedo Cutaway

    - Removed AlexanderLB's CNT & Weazel News liveries from the Bravado Rumpo


    - Added new NPC modified vehicles

    - Changed the default modkit of various pack vehicles

    - Changed the spawn colors of various pack vehicles

    - Changed various vehicle spawning related values in the vehicles.meta of the pack

    - Fixed a bug that caused the high quality textures to not show properly on a vehicle (thanks to 11john11 for the fix)

    - Fixed various broken tuning parts

    - Improved the deformation of various pack vehicles

    - Updated the Uninstaller.oiv files

    I unfortunately lost the above changelog at one point and had to redo it from scratch, due to that it's plausible that there are other additions/changes made to the pack that are not listed above.

    Previous changelogs can be found here.


    - Added a compatibility patch for the Dispatchworks Pack

    - Removed the IVPack, Realism Dispatch Enhanced & World of Variety compatibility patches

    Previous changelogs can be found here.


    Q1: I downloaded the .rar archive, but it isn't an .OIV file. How can I install the pack?

    - Open the .rar archive with WinRaR (or any other file archiver program), click on the "Vanillaworks Extended - Download links.txt" file, and download the pack from one of the links provided in the file.

    Q2: I opened the .rar archive and there’s only “content”, “content.xml” and “icon.png” files inside.

    - Update your file archiver (7Zip/WinRaR/etc.) to the latest version.

    Q3: I tried to open the .rar archive but it says that the file is corrupted.

    - Try opening it with a different file archiver (7Zip instead of WinRaR for example). If that doesn’t work, redownload the pack using one of the mirror links (Google Drive/MediaFire/MEGA) that can be found inside the "Vanillaworks Extended - Download Links.txt" file.

    Q4: With this pack installed the game either crashes or freezes during the loading screen.

    - You're not on the latest copy of the game or you need to use a different gameconfig.

    Q5: With this pack installed I'm not able to complete/start any of the story mode missions.

    - Replace the gameconfig.xml file with the one created by F7YO.

    Q6: I replaced my gameconfig with the one mentioned above, but I'm still not able to complete/start any missions.

    - Temporarily disable your mods folder by going to the main directory of Grand Theft Auto V and renaming your mods folder to "_mods" (without quotations). Then go back ingame, complete the mission(s), save, quit the game, rename your "_mods" folder back to "mods" (without quotations).

    Q7: After installing this pack I experience texture loss ingame. How can I fix this?

    - It may be that the vehicles included in this pack are too much for your PC to handle. To fix it, you can try restoring the popcycle.dat, popgroups.ymt & vehiclemodelsets.meta files to the original ones to stop the vehicles with high quality liveries from spawning in traffic which should help with the texture loss, but doing that means you won't be able to see any of the pack vehicles spawn in traffic.

    Q8: Do the vehicles included in this pack spawn naturally in traffic?

    - Yes. Most of the vehicles included in this pack spawn naturally.

    Q9: I've installed IVPack, Realism Dispatch Enhanced, World of Variety and/or some other mod that modifies the NPC traffic, and I don't see the vehicles from this pack spawning in traffic anymore. How can I fix this?

    - Follow the steps mentioned in the "How to edit popgroups.ymt.txt" file located in the Options - Compatibility Patches folder inside the downloaded Vanillaworks Extended Pack 2.4.rar archive.

    Q10: While driving around the game world, I only see a handful of different vehicles in the traffic. How can I increase the variety of the traffic?

    - Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V, open the "settings.xml" file and search for "VehicleVarietyMultiplier", and then increase the value of it to a value between 1.1 and 2.0.

    NOTE: This will increase VRAM usage while ingame.

    Q11: While driving around the game world, certain newer DLC vehicles despawn as I get close to them. How can I fix this?

    - This is caused by the developers of the game adding a script to the game that despawns all newer DLC vehicles in the game once they've spawned in. To get around this, install a trainer such as Menyoo, Simple Trainer or any other trainer that prevents DLC vehicles from despawning.

    Q12: I experience random game crashes while traveling around the game world. How can I fix them?

    - Replace the popcycle.dat, popgroups.ymt & vehiclemodelsets.meta files with the original ones.

    Q13: Is this pack compatible with the GTA 5 Redux mod? If not, will it ever be compatible?

    - No. The pack is not compatible with Redux and never will be.

    Q14: Where can I see a list of all the vehicles included in this pack?

    - Here.


    The previous versions of this pack are available here.

    NOTE: The pack version that correlates to a specific game version has not been listed anywhere. If you're looking for an older pack version to use on an older game version, you'll need to go through the previous changelogs (linked above at the end of the changelog section) to find out which version of the game the pack supports. If not mentioned, you'll have to manually find the pack version yourself.


    You are allowed to use this pack on your FiveM (or any other multiplayer mod for this game) servers as long as proper credits are given to the people involved in the making of this pack and the peds/vehicles included in it. You must also ask for permission from the creators to include their peds/vehicles on the servers unless otherwise stated on the individual mod pages.
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