Wedding Dress [SP / FiveM]

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[UPDATE 4 October 2020]

- Now the dress have a better rig and be more realistic !

- Fix the path for SinglePlayer

I recommend to use the invisible leg and shoes

Check this video if you want to see how it's moove:

(Bouquet and Veil is not including)

If you want to see or get some new 3D creation, join my discord:

Please, read the READ ME FILE.

For my FiveM serv, i did a lot of hairstyle and cloth for female and male. So, i will share with you some stuff !

Two year ago, i wanted a wedding dress for my FiveM Server, and nobody did it. So, i made it by myself !

So many people asking me for upload the wedding dress, so, here we are !

Warning: This is NOT perfect. I'm not pro, so don't be rude and enjoy !

PS: I recommend to use the invisible leg and shoes

Credit: Sims4 cloth for free on the website




Q: Why it's so big?

A: I have a lot of stuff, so i have to put them in one package. And, if you don't have the new version of FiveM and the invisible leg, it will be too big for you.


Q: Can i use this with my other custom content? (like the wedding dress for your sims4)

A: Yes , you can use this with your custom content. But, please read the read me file before using it !


Q: How can i add this to my game?

A: You can use the ETS2 installer or the TS4 Mod Manager.


Q: How can i uninstall it?

A: You have to use the TS4 Mod Manager, or the ETS2 installer. The file is not uninstalled if you don't use those tools.






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