YTools (Ymap mover, ymap replacer, ymap merger)

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Bunch of tools that allow you to edit "y"Files (gta V file types).

- Ymap mover: Offsets ymaps by a certian position and/or rotation.

- Ymap replacer: Replace's all archetypes with the matching name... also can add a offset and/or rotation to the replaced archetypes.

- Ymap merger: Merges 2 ymap files into one!

I will be adding more tools to it soon :)

If you think of anything you need let me know in the comments and I will give you my input.



Ymap mover

1. File > Open Ymap

2. Set offset rotation, and position

3. Click Offset button then save the new ymap where you want.

Ymap Replacer

1. Type archetype replacing in textbox and the archetype replacing in the replacing textbox

2. If you want to add offset position/rotation click the checkbox

3. If you are adding offset position/rotaion to the replaced arechtypes fill that out correctly

4. Click Replace button and save the new ymap where you want.

Ymap merger

1. Open Ymap 1

2. Open Ymap 2

3. Click Merge button and save the new ymap where you want.




- Added Ymap Mover

- Added Ymap Archetype Replacer

- Added Ymap Merger


- made GUI match (got rid of menu strip)

- made GUI a black theme.

- fixed a bug in the ymap mover

- added a ytyp generator ( see instructions.txt for more details)


- Made GUI light theme again

- Removed Ytyp generator

- Fixed bugs / Made code improvements



All credits for codewalker-core.dll which allows this program to create the dlc packs goes to dexyfex and Codewalker contributors thanks a ton!

CodeWalker GTA V 3D Map + Editor (link)
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