2 New Features On iOS 16.3 Beta That You Might Try Now 

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Apple’s iOS 16.3 beta has just launched a few days ago after the release of iOS 16.2. If you are a beta tester, you might now download officially from your iOS devices. As expected, there are a few updates that come along with the new software. Which are those and why should you try them out? Let’s find out more in this following post.  

It is recommended to run this beta version on your secondary or so devices because there might be bugs and battery life shortage in this beta. Furthermost, beta versions are for testers and developers to try and give comments about them before the official launch of the public version. You have to wait a little longer for the arrival of the official version in the near future. 

1. Use Security Keys With Your Apple ID  For more latest news and entertaining updates, check out this following website http://aubtu.biz.

The only keys which might work with Apple ID currently are FIDO Alliance-certified security keys. This is a brand new feature that allows you to access your Apple ID without two-factor authentication. However, this feature functions similarly to two-factor authentication that prevents phishing scams and hackers. They are both means to protect your Apple ID from unrecognized log-ins and purchases. Diya Jolly, chief product officer of authentication service company Okta, stated “Hardware security keys are very, very secure.” It’s easier to picture that security keys resemble the regular keys to your home. If you want to get access to your home, you need your key. Then, if you want to get access to your Apple ID, these keys are needed. This is a brand new way to log in and protect your account and credit cards from unwanted access. 

2. HomePod Handoff Updates 

HomePod Handoff is a feature that transfers music, podcasts or phone calls from your devices to your HomePod. There will be messages being shown on your device telling what you should do so this feature works more probably. The HomePod is a smart speaker which is designed specifically for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It is more convenient than the regular bluetooth speakers because you might cast the music to HomePod solely while other sounds on your phone are not affected such as gaming or social media sounds. You might definitely play music on your HomePod and play video games with sound on your iPhone or iPad.

These are the latest updates on iOS 16.3 beta. The official version is expected to roll out in a few weeks for public users. 




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