Bird Buddy: A Must-Have For Every Birdy Friends

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Feeding birds is some kind of a hobby for many people. Who does not love seeing the chirping birds asking for food in the square or the park? In 2023, there is nothing impossible with the advanced technology. Therefore, we are introduced to Bird Buddy - a smart bird feeder which is capable of many other interesting tasks. Certainly, it will surprise you to some extent. bird buddy

Many people find great pleasure while sitting on a park couch, feeding and seeing the little adorable birds flying and landing around them. It is one of the most peaceful scenes when you actually want some peace in your mind after long hours at work or school, thriving in this world. More than that, several of us do actually have bird feeders at our yards so that we might feel more connected to nature. Somehow, we are giving something to the wild birds in our neighborhood. It is undoubtedly a sweet act, especially for kids to see. Kids who love birds or any other animals are believed to develop thoroughly mentally and emotionally. Since they might share an engagement to these small animals, it is also easier for them to connect to other kids and adults. As a result, they become more loving and sympathetic adults once grown up. Bird Buddy is here to bring more experiences and knowledge to all of us. 

The gear was actually introduced at the 2022 CES and was chosen as one of the most interesting things at the event. 

It is designed as a cute little bird house which, of course, contains food for the birds. Apart from that, there is also a smart camera to spot the birds. The most impressive feature is that Bird Buddy gives you information about the breed and interesting facts about them. We might identify and acknowledge some popular species such as pigeons or sparrows. Meanwhile, there might be over hundreds of other bird breeds in the wild, only in our neighborhood only. If you live in remote areas or the countryside, the number might be even greater. Then, you have the opportunity to learn more about the big wild world, specifically, the chirping friends. bird buddy

To do the task, the device is connected with your phones or tablets with an application. While a bird approaches and enjoys its meal, photos will be sent to your devices as long as other interesting details about the bird. Clearly, kids will definitely love this gear because they are always wondering and want to know more about this world, more than any adult. 

Currently, you might get one device at the price of $200, which is extremely pricey while compared to a regular bird feeder. However, the joy and fun stuff that it gives off are entirely worthy. Doggy Bathroom is also another great gear nh gh that you might check out right now. 



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