Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement

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The original police fix mod!

Changelog: Bottom of description / page

FAQ/Troubleshooting: Scroll down

Exclusive to & Any upload not on these sites is STOLEN and may contain viruses, be outdated and should be avoided.


I'm sure everyone who has played GTA V has realized how broken and anti-fun the police can be. This is a mod that attempts to solve all the problems with them while going a little further and enhancing their spawns, the crime and witness system and lots more.


-Most crimes (or all of them if you're using the optional file) will now require people to have to call the police on you. This means stealth is now possible, stop them dialing 9-11 and you can kill without worry.

-Stealth in general has been improved. Silencers will reduce the chance of people hearing your gunshots, people won't have super human hearing and sight and stealth melee kills are very under the radar.

-Overhauled all enemy AI to be less accurate and skillful. Gunfights will be a lot more enjoyable without being too easy, enemy accuracy scales with the type of NPC. GANG/POLICE/SWAT/ARMY and whether they are in a helicopter, rolling, running or if their target is driving at high speed.

-One star means one police patrol. It works that way in real life, they don't go all in at the drop of a phone call.

-Female police, lots of new enforcement spawns including the police bike, buffalo, intruder, stanier, army mesas, barracks and crusaders, cargobob, savage and many many more.

-Realistic and enhanced cop responses at each level with the progression [POLICE - POLICE - SWAT - FIB - ARMY]

-No Army version with FIB at 5 stars [POLICE - POLICE - POLICE - SWAT - FIB]

-Increases time at wanted levels. Takes more cop killings to go up a star. (Vanilla threshold version also available)

-Reduces the time it takes to lose cops when hiding (Vanilla time version also available)

-Stops animals reporting crime (Serious)

-Better police weapon loadouts thanks to Yard1

-Police helicopters will now take two minutes (at least) to respawn after being destroyed

-Police will no longer know where you are automatically and will only move towards your last seen position. All helicopters and the army will move towards where you are still but are not magicians, you can still hide.

-NPCs will take longer to dial 9-11

-Police will prefer to take cover and flank rather than rush at you. SWAT, Army and Gang members will still rush your position.

-Hidden evasion timers will now kick in even if the players vehicle is not moving.

-Lots of optional files and options including: Police on street, less aggressive npcs, vanilla thresholds and evasion timers and more.

-Police now require direct line of sight and will prefer to spawn near your last known position

-Tweaks to vehicle speeds of enforcement to balance the above changes


1. Navigate to "Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf" Make a backup of this whole file somewhere safe.

2. Using OpenIV enable Edit Mode navigate to "update.rpf\common\data\ai" and drag and drop combatbehaviour.meta, pedaccuracy.meta, witnessinformation.meta, loadouts.meta, crimes.meta and crimeinformation.meta

3. Using OpenIV navigate to "update.rpf\common\data\" Drag and drop dispatch.meta, navcapabilities.meta & pedperception.meta

4. Using OpenIV navigate to "update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\". Drag and drop vehicles.meta

5. Using OpenIV naviagate to "update.rpf\x64\data\tune" Drag and drop dispatchtuning.ymt, wantedtuning.ymt and generaltasks.ymt

6. See the readmes in some of the optional file folders for information on installing those.


If you get "Corrupt Game Data" error on startup. Ensure you have OpenIV .asi installed, it will prompt you to install it when you enable edit mode. If you have it and still have the error, restore your backup of update.rpf and try again.

If the mod isn't working. Check that everything is installed properly. Modified files will be shown as just "Compressed;" while untouched vanilla files are shown as "Compressed;Encrypted". Vanilla files that are restored from backups will be shown as just "Compressed;" however.

If you're crashing, you have done something wrong. Restore your backup of update.rpf and try again.

The files are not already present in update.rpf??!!!! Yes this is true, they are in other rpf archives. But guess what, update.rpf overwrites them and having them in this file is needed. Just add the new files.

There's no tune folder!!??! You're in the wrong spot. It's a different data folder. Update.rpf\x64\data\tune. Its' there.

Will it ruin my saves? Nope

Why am I getting a wanted level in some missions for just shooting a weapon? A: I have no fucking idea, ask Rockstar. For some reason enabling phone calls for crimes does this, so I can't fix it... Have a trainer installed and turn on never wanted temporarily to get around this.

Can I go online without being banned? Nope.jpg


Overwrite the original files with your choice if it's a replacement/alternative version. See the readme.txt in the folders of files that need explanation

Default version, found when you first open the file. It has Army, tweaked times at wanted levels, tweaked evasion times, proper stealth, crime and witness systems etc.

No Army Version: Same as standard version but replaces Army with the FIB at 5 stars, Swat is moved to 4 star. Overwrite the main files with this.

Vanilla Evasion Times: Same as standard version but with the vanilla hidden evasion times.

Vanilla Wanted Thresholds: Same as standard version but wit the vanilla wanted thresholds (times per wanted level by chaos/cop killing etc).

Less Aggressive People & Police: This file will allow you to stand near people for 20-35 seconds depending if you're in front of them or behind

Police will also have a 25% chance of not being bothered by you and you stand a tiny bit closer to them. Loitering in vehicle will now take 30-35 seconds to get a reaction from police.

Police on the streets: Adds police driving around an on foot. You have a higher chance of seeing them in poor and gang occupied neighborhoods. Make sure you increase the vehicle variety beyond max in your INI file.

Homeless and Tramps won't have phones: This file should remove phones from homeless people and tramps, preventing them from dialing the police on you. It needs testing because I had to do some guessing with this one.


Some users have reported issues with police being alerted when you fire in the Civil Border Patrol S&F Mission. I'm not Rockstar, so I can't fix it sadly.

You can still complete the mission by chasing them, but you won't be able to get gold. If you use a trainer, you can disable wanted levels temporarily to get around this.


-Conflicts with Refined Weapons and Gunplay's AI Changes "combatbehaviour.meta". Otherwise works fine, I recommend using mine over his with this mod due to it being balanced around my changes.

-Works with PlasticTangerines Tank and Lazer spawning ASIs. If you his dispatch file you will just have regular police spawning up until 5 stars and not have the evasion timer tweaks etc.

-Better Police Spawning, Army at 5 stars dispatch file.

-Anything that edits the AI skills, loadouts, crime and witness information.

-Cops on the beat mod. I have my own popcycle.dat included. Mine has less police. Use his if you want more police on the street and patrols in the country.

-Better Gang Loadouts. Use the compatible version, located with the download.

-Conflicts with GTA Realism/RDE police changes. If you prefer CPRE over the police changes in RDE/Realism I recommend using the popcycle from Realism and all other files except the conflicting files for a nice blend between the two.


Farnsworth's Grand Theft Auto

GTA Realism If you prefer CPRE over the police changes in RDE/Realism I recommend using the popcycle from Realism and all other files except the conflicting files for a nice blend between the two.

Tank and Lazer Spawning: (Don't use the dispatch file)

Open Interiors. Good places to hold up

No Police Blips:

Enhanced Wallets:


You may do what you want, HOWEVER Do not reupload, or mirror this file without making edits and changes. If you do reupload a non edited mirror, you're stealing. Also ensure you credit all who contributed to this mod. Please feel free to make patches for your mods without asking me.


Better Police Weapon Loadouts by Yard1

Original dispatch file from Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning by Yard1.

Tweaks, balances, crime, witness stuff and the rest by BobJaneTMart

Thanks to the community for feedback and suggestions

Thanks to OpenIV team for making this all possible

Thanks to mkeezay30 for help with getting police to jump fences, stun guns at 1 star optional file and some other general AI tweaks





Slightly increased cop accuracy and fight proficiency. Hopefully they can hit you while you're in vehicles now.

Increased swat accuracy slightly

Fixed security guards not aiming properly


-Increased how much crime it takes to gain a star.

-Reduced the time it takes to lose cops when hiding. Depending on current wanted level, goes from 30 seconds for 1 star - 72 seconds for 5.

-Added Realistic crime witness distance. Peds can hear explosions further away while gunshots are a little closer and car jackings are even closer.

-Stops animals reporting crime, now you can stealth kill in the desert without worry.

-Balances amount of cops per star.

-Integrated Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning by Yard1

-Integrated Army Spawning by PlasticTangerine

-Packaged Tanks spawning at 5 stars as per PlasticTangerines permissions.

-Tweaks to all enforcement AI strength.

-Added Annihilator to 4 star wanted level.


-Most crimes will now require pedestrians to have to call the police. Explosions, fire and moltovs will alert cops quickly.

-Tweaked cop accuracy slightly and increased their spawns at higher stars.

-Tweaked gang members accuracy and skill. They are now slightly under cops in skill and accuracy.

-Added swat to 3 star, FIB to 4 and made extensive tweaks to general spawning.

-Grunts/Private military are now slightly less skilled than the Army.

-Reduced the distance stealth crimes can be heard

-Reduced the distance punching someone can be heard

-Integrated Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning 2.20 as a base and tweaked it extensively. branching off and won't be updated from now on to his versions.

-Slightly increased wanted level radius at all stars

-Tweaked hidden evasion times

-Increased delay between crimes and cops being alerted.

-Reduced distance peds can hear suppressed gun crime

-Integrated v2.0 of Better Police Weapon Loadouts by Yard1. Tweaked the combat MG for soldiers.

-Changed ammo of Soliders combat MG to 1000 and turned off infinite ammo for just that gun.

-Added FIB roadblocks to 4 stars

-Four stars tweaked, now mostly FIB with occasional cops.

-Tweaked how many cops you can kill per wanted level star.

-Extensive tweaks to the level of cops at each wanted level.

-Other stuff I forgot.


-Reduced time it takes to get to four stars slightly

-Fixed army truck road blocks not spawning

-Tweaked swat amount at 3 stars

-Tweaked police amount at 3 stars

-Fixed getting stars when no one had seen the crime


-Removed police bikes in country due to bugs.

-Increased chance of Army Barracks road blocks.

-Tweaked boat spawn amount.

-Tweaked hidden evasion times.

-Tweaked wanted radius

-Fixed peds not seeing silencer kills in close range.

-Improved crime reporting. Only crimes that alert cops without phone call are explosions and destroying vehicles/aircraft

-Added realistic police patrols on the street. More cops around stations, poor neighbourhoods and gang activity. Less in rich areas. Made with max density and variety.

-Added No Army version. Has the progression POLICE - POLICE - POLICE - SWAT - FIB

-Very slightly reduced Army accuracy.


-Fixed corrupt download


-Hopefully fixed issues


-Removed PopCycle.dat by default because it was changing the balance and spamming cops everywhere. I'll make a proper one at a later time. I have included an optional WIP version which has little cops in cars but none on foot yet.

-Slightly improved police AI. Car chases were a little too easy.

-Tweaks to 3, 4 and 5 stars.

-Slightly increased chance of seeing female police.

-Increased time it takes to lose cops at 1 star by 5 seconds.

-Slightly increased time it takes to lose cops at 2 stars.

-Fixed peds not getting spooked and calling 9/11 if you only killed one person.

-Added vanilla hidden evasion timer version.


-Fixed guns being heard at a long distance when suppressed

-Possibly fixed people not calling police if you only killed one person in stealth mode or with melee

-Possibly fixed AI accuracy not being reduced

-Tweaks to police viewcones

-Tweaks to police spawn distance

-Reduced NOOSE at 3 stars. Full force will only come in at 4 stars now.


-Fixed police being too dumb


-Updated "Police on streets" optional file, now has on foot police and has been improved overall.

-Added vanilla thresholds version (Time per wanted level via cop killings etc)

-Added "Less Aggressive People and Police" optional file. You can stand near police and people for longer before they get angry, police now have a 25% chance of not becoming aggressive.

-Extensive tweaks to enemy AI. Car chases should be improved, accuracy tweaked when player is moving and other things.

-Fixed Army not spawning when you killed a lot of them at 5 stars. Had to remove FIB @ 5* to fix

-Fixed empty police vehicles in the country when police women spawned at 4 stars. Had to remove police women @ 4* to fix

-Fixed empty FIB vehicles spawning in "No Army Version" at 5*. Had to remove occasional police spawns to fix.

-Fixed empty FIB vehicles spawning in standard version at 4*. Had to remove occasional police spawns to fix.

-Reduced 5 star Army and FIB amount depending on version. Reduced to 12 from 14 in Army version and 15 to 13 in No Army Version.

-General polish throughout the whole mod.

-Removed "Pick and Choose" version and replaced it with a readme on partial installation.


-Reduced hearing distance of NPCs by 35%

-Reduced seeing distance of NPCs by 10%

-Tweaks to police viewcones, changed to be 5% smaller than vanilla.

-Documentation on changing spawn amounts


-Police helicopters will now take a minimum of two minutes to respawn after being destroyed.

-Improved installation instructions

-Added troubleshooting to readme and description


-Added police transporter driving at 2 stars onwards

-Added cargobob to 5 stars

-Added swat roadblocks to 3 stars

-Added military mesa to 5 stars

-Added barracks driving at 5 stars

-Added riot van to NOOSE at 4 stars

-Added Army Dingy at 5 stars

-Added Swat NPCs to boats at 4 stars

-Added Car + Truck roadblock at 5 stars

-Added Mesa to roadblocks at 5 stars

-Added Homeless and Tramps won't have phones optional file [BETA]

-Re-added police bike to only spawn at 2 & 3 stars when in the country.

-Now fully compatible with Military Enhancement Project by Yard1

-Changed wantedtuning evasion timers to match the values in dispatch, should fix the randomness.

-Enabled fuel for helicopters at 4 stars, they take twice as long as 3 star ones to run out of fuel.

-Increased time it takes people to make phonecalls

-Police will now only travel towards your last seen position and now require line of sight

-Police will no longer charge and will prefer to take cover, SWAT Army and Gang members will still charge your position

-Police can no longer see vertically at a ridiculous distance

-Police can now jump fences and are generally smarter while not being OP

-Reduced time it takes to get from 3 to 4 stars a little

-Removed hidden evasion not kicking in if your vehicle is not going a certain speed

-General improvements to all AI: gang, army, security & police

-General fixes and tidy up in dispatch.meta

-Tweaks to crime hearing distance, stealth kills can only be heard 1 yard now. Explosions 100 and gun shots 75.

-Tweaks to 3 star police amount

-Tweaks to all enforcement vehicle speed due to the line of site requirement

-Slightly reduced police spawn delay

-Slightly reduced "sense" range of police, swat and army

-Fixed police spawning at FIB roadblocks

-Overhauled documentation throughout the file and added detailed information to the partial installation readme


-Updated to latest patch (vehicles.meta updated)


-Updated to latest patch.

-Removed witnessinformation because Rockstar fixed the animal thing.

-Increased hidden evasion timers because it was too easy.

-Removed obselete files and sorted file structure.

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Q: I am still getting LSPD, FIB & Cops spawning after the new patch.

A: Remove all your old files except the ones in the main folder. Then it should work.


Q: The patched doesn't work for me, what do I do?

A: The patch is not compatible with any other mods that edit vehicles.meta or other files that are not in the main folder of the mod.


Q: The mod is not working for me, what do I do?

A: Remove all your old files except the ones in the main folder. Then it should work. If you still have issues please contact me.


The mod is not compatible with any other mods that edit vehicles.meta or other files that are not in the main folder of the mod.


The mod is not compatible with any other mods that edit vehicles.meta or other files that are not in the main folder of the mod.


The mod has been updated to v1.402 and contains a new version of "Witness Information". This version is compatible with patch 1.40 in case you have it installed and will work without requiring additional steps to be taken after each patch update by Rockstar Games, but MUST be removed prior to installing the new patch version if you wish to use this feature again if you wish to continue using it!




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