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(+anyone who did help)

"This could not have been done without the outstanding work of ikt on Manual Transmission, Custom Gear Ratios, Dial Accuracy Fix(&more to mention), plus killatomate’s respectable approach on Vanilla Handlings and Realistic Damping Rates

Thanks to the work of Eddlm as well, for Livelyworld”

Please if you like This Mod, Donate the Mentioned Individuals


Found a Formula based on ingame test of with and without spoiler mods at lsc for the game versions which a spoiler will add traction benefits and that is *1.06 per both min and max traction(as far as I know,tested With The Mclare 12c, different versions of the same car, same handling, returned the same results,might be different for Traction Curve Min, but I dont think so?)

Recalibrated All the Cars Using Auto Spoiler based on new formula, and added different handling lines for very old game versions, adn as I still don't know if the newest versions of the game still has traction benefits from spoilers and autospoilers, so a basic version is included

Lowered the Maximum Grip for the Carrera GT to be more realistic, with the same level of agillity and razor sharp handling, also the handling is a bit easier now due to the use of new formula

Increased the Suspension Travel for The Audi RS5, Revised The Roll,and Lowered the Max Tractin Value to get around 0.99g max at 300ft skidpad.Now the car has less squat and dive much closer to real life with a little bit less body roll

Updated Lap Times Table

Minor Tweaks in Data Sheet

Traction Bias reworked from scratch, now cars have much more closer feel to real life, like the 918 being slightly all over the road and want to rotate most of the time, the p1 now less aggressive on sliding, the f12 now more drift friendly and less edgy oversteer, the ford gt being more planted to the road and a bit less tail happy

Reworked Agillity for all cars according to the new traction bias configuration to Retain the same level of agillity with different driving feel much closer to real life, for example a Carrera GT is razor sharp like before(due to low weight,Specific weight configuration and MPS2 Tires being Ultra responsive compared to Grippier and Rival tire the P Zero)but has calmer oversteer so now its slightly more manageable

Lateral Traction Curve configured for different tires as the difference between their braking performance and cornering performance in comparison to other tires, so figures less add a bit of difficuly and less angle to find max grip angle, higher levels have wider steering angle to hit the max grip angle easier, no grip changes, just input changes

The Nissan 240SX now has proper Drag and reworked acceleration fitting real life specs much better, the lateral curve angle has been reworked to fit into the new system

Updated Data sheet for more accurate acceleration and grip data

Updated Lap Times Table on the new recorded data for a more accurate and competitive set of Lap Times

Updated 458 Italia, Speciale and Spider to have less and more realistic grip leves, now the 458 grips about a 0.01g less at a 300ft skidpad at 1.04g and Speciale at 1.17g, they both wrongly pulled 0.01 g more before, so corrected the issue

Updated Ferrari F12 to have Slightly less grip closer to the US Spec in real life

Updated SLK55 Grip levels for a bit less grip

Updated LaFerrari and Carrera GT, Traction Curve Min closer to real life by correcting slight calculation errors

Updated Grip For the McLaren 12c to a very tiny bit less, closer to real life

Updated Negative Inertia Effect of Mass to have less impact on heavy cars, Better Braking Distances for Porsche 918, Ferrari F12 and Similar cars with relatively higher weight

Added 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Updated Shifting Parameters for the Dodge Charger

Updated P-Zero Tire which is slightly stickier now

Updated Nissan 240SX Weight effects, now the car feels less heavy and the effects are evident in braking distances and traction with retaining the same level of agility

Updated the ManualTransmission base configuration with the Debug mode and metric systems off, so now you can manually turn them on when you want to

Found a new formula for Realistic Braking force, closer to real life:Now all cars use the new formula

Visit changelog file

Re-Calibrated E-Brake forces with new formula(too Complicated, I'll explain later)

Introduction of 300ft diameter skidpad,a very basic skidpad in objects2.ini as virtual cones, being able to go through them, only 5 objects as 4 places of diameter plus center are marked for use

All car handlings re-calibrated with skidpad, now vehicles have proper feel closer to real life

Faster suspenison reactions in roll type weight transfer, now the suspension reacts faster while turning

Fixed 2006 Gallardo's grip being unrealisticly high due to typing error

Fixed Ferrari F12 unrealistic suspension which made it prone to rollovers, now, mostly the front end plays with acceleration the rear end is more stable

Completely New Handling for the 2012 Charger(reworked suspension, acceleration, drag, Limited Slip Diff, and other minor tweaks)

Revised Suspension for the e92 M3(more travel, calmed down the movement on weight transfer)plus revised agillity

Revised agility 458 Italia and Speciale

Revised agility for 2005 Ford GT

Fixed Acceleration and Top Speed for 2013 Mclaren 12c(now a bit slower more like in real life)

Edited the suspension for the SLK55 to have more roll while cornering to be closer to real life(watch car and driver video demonstration of how they test their cars and they took the SLK55 as sample, In Manual mode Use a High gear and you can compare them for yourself)

Found a new formula for downforce modifiers and changed the effect on Traction Curvemin as well, so it Includes:

The Porsche 918 has better negative weight inertia effect

The LaFerrari now being quite Edgier and The Power Oversteer is now more sensible

The McLaren P1 is now very edgy and prone to oversteer so it now requires much more skill level to drive'

The McLaren 12c is a bit more Oversteer Prone now

The Porsche Carrera GT now has Razor-sharp Oversteer Just close to real life

The Audi RS5's weight is now more sensible

Updated Lap Times Table based on new handling configurations

Multiply x1.1 on both traction curve min and max for those the downforce effect does not work

Added Lap Times Table

Added 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale

Added 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

Updated 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo mass adn Traction Effects related to it being a bit heavier than previous years, updated Top-End Acceleration, Updated Top Speed, Updated Lateral G

Updated 458 Italia Top-End Acceleration

Updated Carrera GT Acceleration and Top Speed Data on MPS2 Tires based on motortrend test "a twist of LeMans"

Updated Ford GT Acceleration Data on Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Tires based on motortrend test "a twist of LeMans"

Table of Contents:


2-Detailed Description



1. Introduction

Rockstar Advanced Game Engine has SIM-like capabilities to an extent, with few flaws as we know now after the Birth of this Mod

Here I am, after 3 years of hard work, finally finding near correct values for grip on R.A.G.E

No longer 2.5g+ steering with a Honda Civic on any approaching corner at 50mph, no more sub 10 meter 60-0 braking, no more supercars capped at low top speeds

This is based on Full SIM behavior, except for tire wear, temp, (F/R exact tuning of suspension and ride height-->"HOWEVER CLOSELY SIMULATED") & ... etc.

Do not expect a steady 2g Cornering from a McLaren P1,a 15s 0-300 from LaFerrari or God-Like AWD Stability

Everything here is based on “RECORDED REAL LIFE DATA” from cars, gathered within ears of research, hours of frustration, and countless times of giving up, and then returning focused on this project

Cars bite in real life, be a Kia Forte or a Ferrari F12, uncontrolled actions=Horrific Accidents, so anything portrayed here is in no way permitted in real life. Drive Safe, Obey the rules of the road and always faster your seatbelt (and occupants)

This mod will be updated in the future as developing needs extensive research and correction of mistakes since I have to closely calibrate the handling values to come close to their real life behavior, so it takes time, and I'm quite busy

This mod is exclusively done for appreciation of ikt’s work on GTA V, and the huge efforts made by Killatomate on Vanilla Cars.

This mods does not support any Vanilla Vehicle

This mod only uses specific versions of specific car models, designed for specific year models, updates and changes (minor and major to the extent I have control on)

& For now I’m only Doing Cars Before 2014 as the game time is, and I lack some of the info on newer cars as there are not yet as much data available, time issue etc.

You can use these Handlings on Eddlm’s ARS but the experience will be hampered as the Mods Currently do not Support the configurations(LSD, AWD, gear ratios, etc.)to be fully loaded for NPC or AI vehicles



So as explained , if you are interested in what this mod does, then read on all the way to the description, which I’ll then carefully explain what changes are done where and where needs work.

If not, you want to drive, take the vehicles for a spin and experience real life simulation in Grand Theft Auto 5, Proceed to Installation.





(+Model authors for the one’s provided)

The mentioned individuals can include this mod in their work

2. Detailed Description

Cars Included:

Audi RS5 '13

BMW M3 e92 '13

Dodge Charger SRT8 '13

Ferrari 458 Italia '13

Ferrari 458 Speciale '14

Ferrari 458 Spider '13*

Ferrari F12berlinetta '13

Ferrari LaFerrari '14

Ford GT '05

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 '13*

Lamborghini Gallardo '06

Lamborghini Gallardo '04

McLaren MP4-12c '11

McLaren 12c '13

McLaren 12c Spider '13*

McLaren P1 '14

Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG '13

Nissan 240SX (S13) '91*

Porsche 918 Spyder '14

Porsche Carrera GT '03

What this mod does:

Over 92.5% Realistic Mass

Over 90% Realistic Inertial Forces(x,y,z)

Over 92.5% Realistic Drag(and downforce effects) (Empirical)

Over 92.5% Realistic Center of Mass (Empirical)

Over 95% Realistic Horsepower

Over 50% Realistic AWD*(Thanks to ikt)

Over 95% Realistic Gear Ratios

Over 92.5% Realistic Shift Times

Over 85% Realistic Brake Force

Over 80% Realistic E-Brake Force

(complicated explanation, will do later)

Over 92.5% Realistic Steering Ratio and Lock to Lock Angle(lots of research)

Over 90% Realistic Traction

(factors affecting are contact path difference based on width and diameter of tire, material adhesion, positive weight effects, negative weight inertial effects, tire pressure and other minimal stuff related to tire shape & camber, toe, caster angle, etc, which I do not have much knowledge of)

Over 80% Realistic Wet/Off-road Grip

(based on tires)

Over 90% Realistic Suspension

(realistic spring rates must be caculated within tbe effect of weight, heavier the car, the looser it feels, realistic damping rates as well follow this rule, antirollbar data mainly come from forza horizon 4 as real life data nearly non existent, heavier a car, the less effect of antiroll bars as well, suspension bias is the average of ride height and suspension stiffness, has both effects combined together which lacks for proper tuning)

Over 90% Realistic ABS (Thanks to ikt)

Over 70% Realistic McLaren Brake Steer

(uses a ver little bit of stabillity control for understeer, limiting the amount of torque sometimes at oversteer, it happens in real life and it does remove some understeer as well. Being said oversteer correction is not used. The effect is subtle and does not hamper progressive drifting and slidin, sometimes aiding it and saving you from spin outs)

Over 50% Realistic Limited Slip Differential** (Thanks to ikt)

Over 50% Realistic BMW E-Limited Slip Differential** (Thanks to ikt)

Over 75 Percent Dial Accuracy (Thanks to ikt)

Over 75 Percent Realistic Brake Glow when heated and cooldown (Thanks to ikt)

Convenient First Person View Camera

This Mod falls short of:

Realistic Buoyancy

*Fully Realistic AWD Shift Both ways (Currently only oversteer or understeer correction/Traction)(ManualTransmission Script needs to add this feature for over 90% Realistic AWD)

**Fully Realistic Limited Slip Differential ,as the Current MT mod Features only LSD in Acceleration and not In Coasting, and Also the distribution of LSD between the Front and Rear in AWD Systems(ManualTransmission Script needs to add this feature for over 90% Realistic LSD)

Front and Rear Suspension Bias like in real life and adjusting front and rear ride height, camber, toe, caster, etc.

Realistic Damage

AWD-RWD transition of Porsche 918 at 265 Km/h(although Effects somewhat simulated with esc and Real time AWD(thanks to ikt))

Tire Temp Traction loss/Grip & related items, weather effects, moist, etc.

3. Installation

Carefully Read the Steps, otherwise it’s not guaranteed to work and I take no responsibility for mishandling the data and inappropriate behavior of the mod afterwards.

For quality, I carefully checked everything and I made sure everything works as intended, however, I still might have errors in my work, since it’s still a very early version


Cars with automatic spoilers, provide altered TractionCurveMaxvalues, This mod Has been tested on v1,41 that downforce modifiers work and are still active, however If im right Rockstar has disabled the downforce modifiers in newer game versions and Im not using any of them but the Cars with Auto Spoilers Generate the effect and its out of my control, I do not know if the downforce effect is disabled on auto spoilers or not, so if it is, then you need to modify the TractionCurveMax Value to an extent that the Car performs Maximum Lateral Grip in the Skidpad,

It’s a very Difficult procedure However, You can multiply the value around x1.06(I checked versions of 12c with and without auto spoilers and this was the result)

“older game versions which the auto spoiler does not work at all, need this action performed= TractionCurveMax and min x1.06

(v0.8.0.3)->in this version both options of with and without spoiler grip included

So that being said, if you saw cars with auto spoilers not gripping well or behaving like heavy trucks and slow-mo responsiveness and hugely increased braking distances, then check what I have said in the higher paragraphs, I’m still not sure about this.

So we proceed


You need Latest Versions of:

ScripthoookV (and asiloader)


ManualTransmission by ikt

Custom Gear Ratios by ikt

Dashhook by ikt

Dial Accuracy Fix by ikt

Glowing brakes by ikt

Stop!Powercutting by any333


After installing all of the Aforementioned Scripts, you need to copy the files inside the Requirements folder in your GTA V directory and Replace All the files provided

\Requirements\files here


Then, we proceed to the car files, for example we want to install the Ferrari 458 Setup,

First you open the Author.txt inside the folder of the car: Cars/Ferrari/458 Italia (US-Spec)/here

Then you download or if you already have the car and the version provided only by the specific author mentioned


After correctly installing all the other data files required for the car to show up ingame, you will Replace the handling File inside the

Cars/Ferrari/458 Italia (US-Spec)/Handling/Ferrari 458 Italia.txt

With the handling line the respective author Provided or if not provided, the handling line it is going to use(Try to do this place carefully and replace line to line and if you use other name for handling that must be further updated otherwise it will either not work or cause game crash)


Copy the File inside:

Cars\Ferrari\458 Italia '13 (US-Spec)\CustomGearRatios\Configs\458

To the same directory as


Remember to change the model name and description if you use different names


e.g. you name your 458 italia Model and Handling Name to 458a




Then inside the file as well(modelname in capital letters) (more info on readme)


Cars\Ferrari\458 Italia '13 (US-Spec)\ManualTransmission\Vehicles\458.ini



If you use Different name, e.g. 458a, then

You rename the ini file to 458a.ini

Then inside the file

(more info on readme)

ModelName = 458


ModelName = 458a


Installation of brake glow

Cars\Ferrari\458 Italia '13 (US-Spec)\Scripts\GlowingBrakes\Configs\458.xml

Copied to


If Different name, e.g. 458a then,

Rename the xml file to 458a.xml, the open the file and inside the file:

(more info on readme)





Fixing dial accuracy

You go to the following directory in the mod and open the following file

Cars\Ferrari\458 Italia '13 (US-Spec)\Dials Fix\ Paste in Settings ini.txt

(more info on readme)


SpeedScale = 1.0

SpeedOffset = 0.0

RPMScale = 1.3

RPMOffset = -0.224

You will paste this at the bottom of the file in the following Directory:


If model name change to e.g. 458a

Then add this to the bottom of that file


SpeedScale = 1.0

SpeedOffset = 0.0

RPMScale = 1.3

RPMOffset = -0.224

4. F.A.Q

Before going for troubleshooting, please make sure you have done everything carefully and exactly as the steps followed in the instructions of installation process, and you have to use the same settings provided for the ManualTransmission settings,

For Steering wheel users, set auto countersteer and steering reduction to off, completely, as there is no way to turn of the unwanted autocountersteer for controller and keyboard users for a better experience, so until now we still don’t have a chance to fully experience simulation on controllers and keyboards

For further info about steering wheels and how to use ingame, contact ikt through the ManualTransmission Page on

I have not used a Steering wheel on this mod but it is fully designed for it.

It is not advised to Play on Keyboard. A Controller would be Much Better

Q1: Game Crashes

A: You have not followed the instructions correctly or it is of other issues

Q2: Cars Handle Erratically

A: This is as close as it gets to real life experience of driving, weight and traction, original game handlings provide near F1 grip for nearly all cars, be City Cars or Hypercars, even trucks don’t feel as heavy as they should, and the negative effect on weight is not induced in traction, use a controller, smooth things out use little throttle, and drive slowly, until you master your skills enough

Q3: Gear Configurations won’t load

You can load them manually by using the cgr menu and loading the files by the name provided, you may have done something wrong in the procedure, or maybe other issues I still don’t know yet

Q4: Brakes don’t Glow

The problem lies with an installation issue, either the car setup, either the whole mod, check that in detail

Q5: LSD, Camera, shifts, not proper

Check MT file or check if manual transmission is active

Q6: Dials way off the accuracy

Check dials file
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