Luas Tram/Rail Textures

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Ok totally fictitious, I've changed the original textures on the tram lines to reflect the LUAS Tram system, only thing genuine are the route maps obtained from Google.. Also ticket machines and scrolling Stn adverts changed. Tram textures included in my Garda Skin pack. This is in open format files so install is different but several files can be added at once, should take about 1 hour tops

to install see video for ease of under standing

1.unzip .rar openiv, and click on edit box at top of openiv.

3. open the folder you've just unzipped files to. you will see two sets of files, with same names, folders and .otd files, these are open format files.

4. copy folder file name (one at a time)

5. use F3 openIV search and paste file name into search field and click search.

5a, double click onn search result to go to location of files, the top result is normally the correct one, only edit mods folder, set search to search mods folder only, if file cannot be found then search game folders and let openiv copy them into mods folder prior to editing

6. right click on unused area to right of files list and select import open formats.

7.navigate to folder where the files were unzipped to and select the file you have just searched for. (note some of the file names are in same location so you can select more than one, but be careful some are similar named and not in same folder)

8. click open and install the files, continue for all files.

install instruction in .txt format added to download files.

Download Kinsta 100's British Tram here;

Tram textures are in my Garda Vehicle pack not here.
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