OKM Optimization Engine

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-A new update will be available soon


The "Omega Optimization Engine" changes some factors in the GTA V game code that allows for higher performances. Currently the primary focus is to boost "FrameRates" for all users without changing your preferred Graphic Settings.

How It Works:

You may have noticed that your game will drop FPS in certain areas of the map. This is due to multiple rendering of high memory usage items. This mod dynamically changes rendering distances for high usage items only. By doing so this will increase FPS and performance. This will not change your settings in any way.

Coming Soon:

v2.1 : Additional Features

Requirements: v1.1 "OE"


Requirements: v2.0 "AOE"


-Download & Install Latest ScripthookV

-Download & Install Latest ScripthookV .NET

-Download & Install Map Editor (By:Guadmaz)


v2 Advanced Optimization Engine:

v2.0 : Advanced Optimization Engine (AOE)

-Omega AOE Now Available (Low Performance PC's)

-New Requirements For AOE

-New Advanced Optimization Map (BETA)

-FrameRate Boost 2.0

-Increased Draw Distance -AOE Only

Bug Fixes & Improvements:

--Minor Bug & Stability Fixes

--Performance Improvements

(v1.1 is still available)

v1 Optimization Engine:

v1.1 : Custom Settings

-Custom Settings For Users

-Omega Settings For Users

v1.0 : Optimization Engine / FrameRate Booster

-FrameRate Boost

-Optimized Performance

Installation Instructions:

-Text File Included With Download
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