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Comparisons and additional previews can be viewed here.

Note: both the images above and the comparison ones where taken with some additionals graphics mods (No Chromatic Aberration and Lens Distortion, Higher Quality HBAO and the VisualV shaders) installed, so it will always look a bit different.


Old Gen Visual is a graphic mod that brings back "that thing, that magic" from the old gen version of the game.

Main changes:

- Timecycle.

- Lens flare.

- Lightning, clouds and water settings.

- Bokeh, damage effect, lens flare and water foam textures.

- Clouds models and textures.


- Additional Rockstar Editor Filters: this optional adds all the Snapmatic filters to the Rockstar Editor.

- Alternative Old Gen Lens Flare: this optional changes the color of two flare animorphics from yellow to blue (based on some old gen pre release material).

- Beta Next Gen Lens Flare: this optional changes the lens flare with the version from the E3 2014 trailer and a few promotional next gen screens.

- No Fog Volumes: this optional removes the fog/glow around certains places on the map (the Downtown LS buildings, Sandy Shores, Fort Zancudo, etc). Note: this one is unnecessary if the shader quality is set to normal.

- No Lens Artefacts: this optional removes the blue lens artefacts (the ones from the very high and ultra Post FX setting). Note: this one is unnecessary if the Post FX quality is set to normal or high.

- No NGCoronas: this optional removes the additional corona texture emitted from light sources (vehicle headlights, street lights, etc).

- Old Gen Snapmatic Filters: this optional changes all the Snapmatic filters with the ones from the old gen version.


OpenIV .asi.

Mods folder.

Installation (main)

Import the "common" and "x64" folders from the "Main Files" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf".

Installation (optionals)

- Additional Rockstar Editor Filters: import "replayfx.meta" from the "Optionals/Additional Rockstar Editor Filters" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ui".

- Alternative Old Gen Lens Flare: import the files from the "Optionals/Alternative Old Gen Lens Flare" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data".

- Beta Next Gen Lens Flare: import the "common" and "x64" folders from the "Optionals/Beta Next Gen Lens Flare" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf".

- No Fog Volumes: import "vfxfogvolumeinfo.ymt" from the "Optionals/No Fog Volumes" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\effects".

- No Lens Artefacts: import "lensartefacts.ymt" from the "Optionals/No Lens Artefacts" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\effects".

- No NGCoronas: import "visualsettings.dat" from the "Optionals/No NGCoronas" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data".

- Old Gen Snapmatic Filters: import "timecycle_mods_4.xml" from the "Optionals/Old Gen Snapmatic Filters" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\timecycle".

Special Thanks

alloc8or for the Visual Settings + Timecycle Reloader.

dexyfex for CodeWalker.

dav90 for the decompiled PSO and RBF files.

The OpenIV Team for OpenIV .

3Doomer for GIMS Evo.

Neos7 for the GTA V Map Helper script for 3DS Max.

koolk for LibertyV.

DK22Pac for the WFT/XFT to DFF converter.

cj2000 for the R* RW IO for 3DS Max.



Added "car.emissiveMultiplier" to the "visualsettings.dat" (included in the new update).
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