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This is in Open format form:

its not accurate and is meant to give your game a different feel … it adds badges/emblems/logos to the original GTAV Police Station, including interior posters and flags at mission row and Sandy shores


1. open openiv and using search F3 seach for the .otd file name, once you've unzipped the files.

2. then go to location of file your changing and right click and select 'import open formats' navigate for first file to where you unzipped files, and select all the .otd files that correspond to the search folder, ie: all the files named vb04??? will install in one go. once you imported all files then all stns will have a Leicester theme. Please comment for additions or alterations. Also see video if your not sure.

Disclaimer: BACK UP your files! use a Mods Folder, if you don't Then don't use these Files. I cannot except responsibility for any loss or damage to your game files, you use these files at your own risk. It has to be a manual install (about 1 hour depending on ability) so that GTAV updates do not effect the install process.

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/CXzVqNfG5Sw
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