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++Change log==

V1.4 Fixed typo error thats stopped it loading for me, so updated in case of V1.3 not working correctly when stopping foot peds, should have covid 19 under investigations group.

V1.3 Updated with Covid19 questions, for Traffic Stop and Foot stop so you can ask the questions if you've got the driver out of the vehicle already

Firstly Great Thankyou to Sereous313 for allowing me to release a UK Version.  This will change All the questions that he has released to UK variant. Most of the answers remain the same, i have been through (thru) and removed US applicable Questions and either amended them to English law and Words etc. So Credit to Sereous313 for the main hard work in generating the original questions. The way it works He cannot put both versions in the one pack as they would all show up as they are .xml's  any additions or amendments please drop me a pm. 

These will add relaism to what is already a great Plugin STOP THE PED by Bejo  .  Download it here https://bejoijo256.wixsite.com/bejoijo/post/stop-the-ped

intall as per Bejo's instructions then just copy the xml files into the STP folder in the LSPDFR folder in the Plugin Folder.  to uninstall just re-install STP.

Credits: Bejoljo for STOP THE PED

Sereous313 For the Original Frame work Questions and Answers

Carpless UK: version

usual disclaimer Ii accept no responsibility for your machine/setup etc. 
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