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Vice City Overhaul is set in past day time for Grand Theft Auto V, the map is redefined with lots of enhancements. Our modification aims to deliver a brand new Vice City experience with a whole new level of set of features and attention to detail. Our brand new update introduces new vegetation enhancements across Vice City's beautiful areas such as Ocean Drive, a new Malibu Club & Sex Garden Hotel refined with new exterior models, in-working progress traffic & much more.

Our team - They will stick around if you have any questions below!

• ryanm2711 - Project Leader, 3D Artist and Map Conversion Developer

• Ambient - GFX Designer & Radio Composer

• Ash_735 - Mapper

• GTA Belgium - 3D Artist, Mapper and Exterior Developer

• Cranlet - GFX Designer

• CRena - CodeWalker Developer

• Headshots_Ops - Tools Developer

• HeySlickThatsMe - 3D Artist, Mapper and Scripter

• _Robin_ - 3D Artist & Mapper

• Kalit - 3D Artist & Mapper

• Introvert - Vehicle Developer

• mould122 - Vegeration Artist, 3D Artist, CodeWalker Developer and Tools Developer

• MrGTAmodsgerman - Vegeration Artist, 3D Artist, CodeWalker Developer

• rollschuh2282 - Interior Minimap

• Smallo - Tools Developer

• UHDFreddyEST - Vice City Overhaul Minimap

• VideoTech UK - CodeWalker Developer & Community Manager

Special Thanks

• Vice City RAGE Developer Team

• DexyFex (CodeWalker & Tools)

• Autodesk (3DS Max)

• FiveM (Conversion Tools)

• Biggdog & reN - moderation staff (Thank you for your tremendous support)

• GTA Forums Staff (Spider-Vice) - Thank you for your support and assistance setting up GTAForums post in July

Changelog - Update 3.0

• All vegetation has been updated across Vice City - brand new palm trees, grass/plants placed across the city and such

• Vice City's old vegetation has been removed

• Malibu Club & Sex Garden exterior models updated

• Malibu Club interior has been added

• New neon's have been placed across the city [WIP]

• Traffic [WIP]

• Car generators have placed across the city

• GTA V's street lights have been placed [A placeholder for new street lights]

• Various fixes

Our project is still in-working progress and considered beta. You may find bugs throughout the map, we'll be closely addressing them in the future. You may report any bugs and such at our Discord server. Regarding FiveM/RageMP clients inquires, you may use our map for your servers but please credit our team. If you're interested joining our team feel free to ask in our Discord which is linked above.

If you'd like to see our plans in the future check out our GTAFourms post -






Q: Will this work with GTA V?


A: No. It is a remake of Vice City. You will have to install the original Vice City mod for this to work with GTA V.



Q: Will this work with Rockstar's DLC's?


A: Yes, however, you will have to download the original Vice City mod from our Github and then install the DLC's .rpf files.



Q: Will this work with GTA SA?


A: Yes, however, you will have to download the original Vice City mod from our Github and then install the SA DLC's .rpf files.



Q: Does this work with other mods?


A: Yes, it will work alongside other mods. However, it should be noted that if you wish to use it alongside any other mod there are a few things you should know:


- This mod is designed to work with the original Vice City game, if you have the Vice City Xtreme mod installed it will not work correctly.


- This mod will only work with the original Vice City game. It will not work with any other mods that edit GTA V's files.



Q: Will this work for PC?


A: Yes, this mod should also be compatible with PC.



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