Villa on private island [MapEditor / YMAP]

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Map Editor



Map Builder ( important

to put the sea in calm mode to better appreciate mod

v3: the water for the swimming pool and the small pool has been added

ymap version:

If you hadn't done so already, you will need to set up the CustomMaps DLC

All you need to do after that, is drop 'villa island.ymap.xml' inside custom_maps.rpf of the following folder (using OpenIV ):


Don't rename the .xml file to .ymap : OpenIV will do that itself







Q: I can't find the Villa, how do I get it?

A: You have to download the script hook v and then in order to get it you will have to go in the map editor, you will have to go into the menu and click on "Script Hook V " then you can click on "Open Script Editor" there will be a folder called "Scripts", then you will need to go inside that folder and open 'villa.scp'


Q: Is there any way I can make this look like my save game?

A: No. This is just a copy of your save game.


Q: Why do I have to download the script hook v and the map editor?

A: When you go into the map editor it will ask you to install script hook v. You have to do that or you can't edit your save game


v2: added a little pool and the rooms at the upper level of the villa


v1: first release. Villa on private island.





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