WestCoast Customs L.A. (Benny's Motor Works)

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Come to West Coast Customs to customize your lowriders and Hesitates new updates in your car.

Updates History:

1.0 Content:

- Release

1.1 Content:

- Remove Benny's Tags And.

- Add Banksy Art and others Graffitis.

- Adjusted many Billboards.

- Set the correct size of some works of art.

- Stickers and Tags high quality.

- Garage flooring in high quality.

- High-quality tires "Goodyear Eagle F1"

1.1a Content:

- High quality garage floor and minor adjustments

1.2 Content:

- New interior design.

- Revised and improved textures.

- New stickers and wear and rust effect.

1.3 Content:

- Revised and improved textures.

- Clearer version and less graffiti-

Pack Content:

- Benny's removed to "West Coast Customs L.A"

- Complete revision of the garage.

- Textures in High Quality.

- Graffiti and Art By Osgemeos, Banksy, Obey, Dexa, Seen, Same...

- New billboards with wear effect in the area.

All original and credits for Itasha GanjaHouse.

- Installation -

- Very simple and in only 4 steps:

1. Download.

2. Extract.

3. Locate the folders.

4. Add my files in the right place.

5. Enjoy it and Pimp your lowriders


GTA V\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mplowrider/dlc.rpf......

I recommend the following script to access the location on the map and garage to use all the functions in the offline mode.


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Now I enjoy it
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